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Monday, August 28, 2006

Mrs Bella's Goodies

Gompa & his Talabola

Aug 28 2006

The year was 1961.

We were in our 3rd form, but in Dorm B looking after the young 1960 buggers.

MH Sube, KA Gemba, and DERH were the respected seniors in-charge of the 1960 rascals. Gompa Gunathilaka gets village delicacies like Kitul Juggery, Talabola, Pani Kawum etc whenever his father comes to see him. Gompa goes to Mrs.Belleth for English tuition. Half of what the father brings end up at Mrs Belleths kitchen table.

This particular day Gompa brought all the goodies to the dorm and left them on the bed and ran down to say good bye to his parents. Simbo Abeysinghe, WAD Thilakaratna, my bro Wijepala and myself were in the dorm playing cards. No sooner Gompa disappeared from dorm, Simbo Abey jumped over the bed straight to the goodies. It took Gompa sometime to come back. By the time Gompa came back to the dorm everything was gone. He went direct to Mrs.Belleth and complained that we helped ourselves to what was meant for her. News went to CEB and he called all of us and canned two each and one for Gompa for being careless with the goodies.

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