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Monday, May 08, 2006

Karunasekera, the famous Punter

Evils of Cigarette Smoking

Dear Fellows,

Karunathilaka HSL, had a cousin Karunasekara. He was a boxer, ruggerite and RCH & RC cop. We were in our last year at college 1967/68. He had left about 3 years earlier. We, (Prasad Koralegama, late DM Jayasinghe, PH Ratnaseela, Walla de Silva) normally go to Lion House Bamba. for tea and punt (tea-10 cents, punt 4Aces 8 cents) after combined studies at our boarding house at 10, Lauries Rd. We entered Lion House and sat at the usual table covered by the wall.

Karunasekara seeing us asked whether we were still at college. Obvious answer was YES. He started to tell us the harm smoking could do to our lungs. Boring it was for the complete lecture went on for nearly half an hour after which we all got up to drop PH Ratnaseela at the bus stand on Bullers Road. We were walking back, and who walks out of Lion House with a punt in hanging from his mouth, the great lecturer on lung cancer KARUNASEKERA. We all had a good laugh.



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