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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kota Silva & the Latin Class

The Great Mung Escape in 1960

From Reza Ashroff (Bawa) - 56 Group now in LA, USA

Reading about the Latin experiences, "non solum sed etiam" not only did i get “kaneyed” but also sacked from the Latin Class. (1960)

Lower V LATIN EXAM, Kota Silva was the master, i sat next to Mung Ataya, now in Paris, and copied word for word from his answer sheet. Mung then realised that 3 rows of yakos were copying what he wrote, as i passed my sheet onto the next guy and so it went down the line.

There was the Rumanian Ambassador's son Rukavina , and also another Ambassador's son, Hans Kinch, in the last row also copying fervently.

Half way through, Mung hit his hand on his forehead, cursing that he had missed out a word and immediately the 3 rows from me downwards were now waiting for him to do the correction and send it across for duplication.

The guy wrote in large letters, CLITORIA, and since this sounded very much like a latin word, all of us included it. Before handing over the answer sheets Mung scratched off the word Clitoria from his paper, without any of us noticing it.

The next day the 3 rows were lined up by Kota Silva, (including Rukavina & Hans Kinch), and thrashed for writing filth. I was chased out of the class for good, for originating the filth and the rest for copying it.

Mung escaped.

Reza Ashroff (aka BAWA), LA, USA Ex College Cop and Hockey Captain RC ’56 Group


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