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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Lab Boys

Chemistry, Physics, Botany & Zoo

5 Apr 2006
From Palitha Manchanayake

Dabare was looking after of the Chemistry labs (Ground floor) near theswimming pool. . Danny & Sirisena (Dark guy in National costume) werelooking after the labs on the first floor.

Mr.Thenabandu was the LabAssistant to whom we had to pay, when we happen to break a beaker or afunnel etc.

Incidently, Mr. Arulanandan was in charge of the Chemistry Labs, and he had his small room just next to them near the staircase. We were very scaredwhen we happened to pass that room as he would very often ask us to keepquiet if we talking loudly. Mr. Arul used to drink his tea in a chemistrybeaker which was very funny. But we were scared to laugh, and we pretendedas if we did not notice the beaker.

Deen and Sirisena were the Lab boys of the Senior Physics labs near theWest wing lobby.

Martin was the lab boy of the Botany Lab (Third Floor) andArumugam was the Lab Boy of the Zoology lab (Third Floor). Mr Mennon was theZoo Master who came from Kerala.

Mr.Thillainadarasar (Wesley Hall lookalike) was our Maths Master for A. Levels. He was a character who was muchloved by the students.Just some memories.


Palitha Manchanayake


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