Royal People

A dedication to those wonderful people who served Royal Primary School & Royal College, in Sri Lanka, since 1835, and, who will be remembered for their committment, sincerety and unselfishness.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pix from days gone by

RC Cops 1936 (Eddie Gray is seated on the right of the Principal, Mr Sampson who is seated in the center. Vernon Abeysekera is seated next to Eddie)

Mr W T Canegaratnam & the College Debating Team 1968

RH Perera, VIJI, MR Moosa (1962 Group)

Mr Sivalingam (SIVA), third from left

Mr Alles (RITA) in 2000

College life in the Seventies

Mr EC Gunasekera (Kataya) & his wife, Therese

Darrel Lieversz

Nigel de Kretser & Jeremy Perera (left) and Prasanna Mendis (extreme Right)


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