Royal People

A dedication to those wonderful people who served Royal Primary School & Royal College, in Sri Lanka, since 1835, and, who will be remembered for their committment, sincerety and unselfishness.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Goo Siebel

The RC Cadet Platoon

The year was 1960.Junior Cadets were drilling like mad for the prize giving. The place was the triangular opening between the hostel and west wing lobby. From the hostel dorm B we could see the cadets below. Seibel was incharge of the platoon.

UCJ, Ambe, Sri Muruga, SY Sam (RIT's Bil), DERH and some others were watching the platoon below. Seeing Seibel commanding, we decided to have some fun off him. He was a man with a short temper. So all of us ij one go shouted, " 1! 2!! 3!!!, Ado Goo Seibel". This went on for about 3 or 4 times.

What we did not see was Mr.Wickremaratna (Music Guru) under the hostel lean-to-roof below.

He came round and caught us red handed and granted us a 1000 lines "I will not disturb the Cadets, and will behave myself in future".

Hapu - Mar 29 2006


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