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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Arasa & Arul - Heavyweights of yesteryear

Herewith is a correspondence between some old Royalists of the 1964-66 era talking about old times and the majestic memories of how they managed their affairs with some of the best Math & Chemistry teachers that ever lived.

Email: To Reza Ashroff (Bawa) from Lloyd Perera in response to Bawa’s mail below

Hey Bawa Sorry I cannot help with Pope Benedict ... not had an audience with him yet. But I do recall "Pope" Emanuel form RC - who could well be a saint by now. However, if Colin Ghouse is made a saint while still in the land of the living, he might want the 72 Virgins delivered immediately - and that would definitely kill the bugger - or at least make him grumble about all the women he has to satisfy.


Email: From “Colin” Siddiq Ghouse
mohamed ghouse
Mon, 20 Nov 2006
22:51:27 +0000

Dear Bawa

circulate to our boys please.

siddiq ghouse / boston usa

Email: From Eric

Hi Guys,

I just phoned New Zealand and talked to Mr. Arasaratnam.

I said, "I and our class just want to thank you Sir, for all your greatefforts in teaching us math".

He said, "it was nothing, it was nothing"

I gave my name and asked him if he remembered me or any otherclassmate. He asked what year, and I said 1964-65-66. He said, "that was 40 years ago, I can't remember".

He asked me when I left Sri Lanka, and also asked where in Canada I was living, and if I was happy here. I said everyone in our class are well and happy and doing great. He said, "that is the main thing, if you all are happy, that's good, that's the main thing".

I told him he would probably get more calls from some of us.He said he has a son also living in Auckland, New Zealand, and a daughter living in Sydney, Australia. He does not have e-mail. But here is his phone number and address from the phonebook:

Phone: 0064 - 9 - 528 - 6602

Thecountry code for New Zealand is 64. It may be different in Sri Lanka.

I think New Zealand time is about 7 hours ahead of Sri Lanka time.

His address according to the phone book:

#14, Pyatt Cre Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand.

It is very easy to find someone’s phone number abroad. Just go to Google and search for the phone directory of the city you want. For Mr. Arasaratnam, search 'phone directory AucklandNew Zealand'.

I was very happy to talk to him, and I will also be writing to thank him. I think he deserves to get thank you letters from us. Better than a phone call, it is something he can keep.

Best wishes to all,


Commemt from Fazli/Riyadh KSA: I owe all my Math to Arasa who spared no pains to instil those decimals, logarithms, calculus, coordinate geometry and trigonometry into my head, and, it has certainly been the main ingedient that has facilitated my 36 year successful IT career since 1970. May God Bless them for their knowledge, dedication, cmmittment and sincerety.

Those who called/responded to Arasa after this message was circulated:

Sat Dec 2 2006


Thanks for passing Arasa's contact around. I shall write to him immediately. None of his students can forget Arasa. He made Maths so simple by teaching the basics right. He helped up to see through every problem in life using simple basics. In his own way he made us listen in class and there was no need for any additional home work or tuition. I used to be fascinated by the way he drew a perfect circle (perfect every time) on the black board in a split second, while illustrating geometry.

Thanks. God Bless Arasa!

Sube - Colombo SL

Tue Nov 28 2006

Dear Fazli,

I too called up Arasa. I was not that great in maths, but joyfully he did remember me. He even recalled that I stayed at Bamba at Temple Lane. What a joy. As all said sounded frail but was happy to hear from us.

Best regards,

Mazher - Colombo SL

Mon Nov 27 2006


It is great indeed to hear of Arasa. He did do one hell of a lot for me and maths. Unforgettable


Mon Nov 27 2006

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the contact number of Arasaratnam. I called him and he sounded good!
Made Maths seem so easy …!

Colombo Sri Lanka

Mon Nov 27 2006


I called Arasa, in NZ, a few moments ago (8;20 am Riyadh time), too, and I can tell you it was so gratifying talking to the man who spared no pains in instilling all that math into my head that has been the backbone of my IT career for the past 36 years. He sounds frail but in good health although his memory is nt what it used to be. Most important of all he was extremely happy that most of his boys were doing well in life and are successful in their careers. I think its good to call the man as he must feel good when he hears us even though he may not remember us by name anymore. He was my Frm Master in 1966, the year I left RC after the A Levels. He still couldn't remember cos he must have handled thousands of young miunds during his sucessful tenure at RC.

Who can forget a wonderful man like Arasa?

May God Bless him.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Anonymous Monkey said...

For all those who love that great and sincere teacher Arasa, some of his immortal words -
"Jus' say on a fresh line, Infinity is a very large number and it is larger than any number we may think of however large that number may be...Hey! Sameer stop grinning man!"

12:23 AM  

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