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A dedication to those wonderful people who served Royal Primary School & Royal College, in Sri Lanka, since 1835, and, who will be remembered for their committment, sincerety and unselfishness.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Man in a Million Moves On

Mr Vijitha Weerasinghe, affectionately known to all Royalists, young and old, as "Viji", passed away this morning after suffering a heart attack on Sunday. To those of us who had the greatest honor and privilege of having known him, studying under him, or even working together with him during his latter days as the RCU representative at College, he will live on, forever, in our hearts and minds.

We grieve on the loss of a Man in a Million who has contributed 73 years of his life to Royal and who has been much loved by one and all through the ages.

We share this loss with his loving family and we hope that they will be strong in these moments of sadness.

Sir, you have taught us to learn of books and learn of men and learn to play the game. You have taken us from crayons to careers. You have shown us the right way, all of the time. We will remember you, always.

May your soul rest in Peace!

Royal College Riyadh Group (RCRG)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007

To all my fellow old-Royalists,

Today, we mourn the loss of one of the most important 'pillars' of our beloved alma mater. Mr. Viji Weerasinge, 'Ducky' as he was very fondly referred to (behind his back, of course) has breathed his last, ending a glorious 'innings' and an exemplary life lived with absolute honesty,integrity, sincere love for all humanity and with no traces of racial, communal or any other form of bias.
Just like all of you, I too have had a very,very close association with this Gentleman par excellence, Teacher beyond compare and a sincere and always dependable Friend cum Advisor.Mr. Weerasinghe has had an extremely cordially relationship spanning 54 years with my family commencing the day my brother Shibly joined Royal College in 1954. My brother Imtiaz and I were fortunate to come under the shade of his 'umbrella' in the early sixtees.Thereafter, my sons Kamran, Aftab and Maalik too have been extremely lucky to have had him as their Deputy Principal and later as a Guide and Mentor who always stood by them in good times and the not so good, having continously being in touch with us from his office at the RCU.

Mr. Weerasinghe has always been a self-sufficient,happy and contented human being who was always at hand to offer good counsel and guidance to all who sought him out.
May he rest in peace. May his family have the strength to bear this terrible loss. Nevertheless, they can rest assured that here was a gentleman who was loved,treasured and respected by one and all.

Ifthikhar Aziz

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