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A dedication to those wonderful people who served Royal Primary School & Royal College, in Sri Lanka, since 1835, and, who will be remembered for their committment, sincerety and unselfishness.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Extracted from OLD ROYALIST’S UK NEWS LETTER Number 12 October 1995



Mr. L.D.H. Peiris , Director of Education, Nuwara Eliya, assumed duties as principal of Royal college August 1972. It was during his tenure of office that the College became a one session school and the Ordinary level Tamil Commerce stream and Advance level Agriculture and commerce Courses were introduce. He re-vitalized the P.T.A and with

Its help and that of the Royal College Union completely renovated and refurbished the Main Hall.

He also introduce the grade 6 admission test, expanded the Hostel considerably and introduced the teaching of modern languages such as French, German & Japanese and also Pali to the students of Grade 6 , 7 and 8 Implementing the amalgamation of the former Royal junior and Royal College in 1978, which brought the school population to over 7,000, was a Herculean task to which he easily proved equal. He was interested

In improving all aspects of school life and the examination results and victories in sports and games during his time are ample testimony to the success of his period of stewardship often referred to as Golden Age of Royal. He retired in December 1980 leaving behind an indelible hallmark as an educationist and administrator. He passed away in August 1995.

As tribute to a grate principal, A group of Old Royalist have endowed a new prize titled the L.D.H.Peiris Memorial prize to be awarded for general knowledge on Royal College and its history.

Mr. B. Suriarachchi

Mr. b. Suriarachchi served As Chief Education officer in the out station and then as principal Of Rahula College, Matara, and Richmond College, Galle, before assuming duties as principal of Royal college in January 1987. his tenure of office was a very successful one marked by innumerable victories in our manifold field of sports and

Games while our results at the G.C.E (O/L) and Advance Level examinations took a distinctly steep upward trend. Throughout his period as principal, he was most acceptable to entire school community extending to the Old Boys and parents despite

Being very firm when the need arose. It was manifestly clear that his first priority

Was the welfare of the College as a whole towards which he spared neither his efforts

And time nor even himself. He successfully weathered the storm of the insurrection with its attendant student unrest in the late 80’ and brought the College out of the doldrums to continue its progress to grater heights of all-round achievement. He will

Certainly be remembered with affection and respect by all who knew him as principal of Royal College from which post he retired in November 1994. he has now taken over as principal of Serendib international School in Colombo and Royal’s loss has become their gain.

D.S.WICREMASINGHE 1952-1995 – Sri Lank Air force Win Commander

Sidantha or D.S as he known to many died on sat April 29 in the course of duty serving in the Sri Lanka Air force. He was the younger brother of Hector (P.H), also a well known Royalist. Sidantha will be missed by all who knew him

Although a man outstanding ability in his career, on the sports field and in the class room, sidantha was above all able to relate warmly and genuinely to every body he met. The starting point was whatever common experience that he shared with the person he was never arrogant.

Sidanth joined College from Royal Primary school in 1963 and left in 1971. After he left Royal, Sidantha qualifed as an Aeronautical Engineer and joined the Sri Lanka Air Force where he rose to the Rank of Wing Commander.

Sidantha leaves behind his wife Anoma And his Children Dakshitha & Nadiska aged 12 & 14.


Leaving college in 1962, the youngest of the five sons of mathematics and Physics teacher, M. M. Kulasekeram Sahadevan qualified and worked in London as an accountant. At his last farewell on July 7, 1995 at Ruisilip Crematorium were gathered, besides his family and kinsfolk, friends, colleagues and Royalists.


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