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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lorensz Pereira


This article about one of our greatest all-round sportsman. Lorenz Pereira, is also by The Royal Scribe. We thank the prodigious Royal Scribe for his contribution. May the inspiration of the Muse and the hand of Warne keep guiding The Royal Scribe?

It was the mad month of march in 1958- this writer had graduated to college from RPS and was witnessing his first fully fledge Royal – Thomian at the wanathamulla Oval. Perfect LAR “Athula Perera” was the chief leader and was chanting “Come on Lollo”

And we joined in the chorus “Bowl him out” Yes, it was Royal Skipper E.L. Pereira bowling to thomian captain Mavis Pereir and Louise Tissera seated side-by-side and spurring their offspring impressing on one and all , the goodwill and camaraderie, which prevailed in the days of yore! Both Skippers compiled stylish half-centuries thus gratifying their fond Mamas!

Lorenz Pereira the eldest of three sons (Leg Spinner Brina and Roly poly Allen being the other two) sired by Old Royalist Prof. E.O.E Pereira, was the head Prefect at Royal having won colures at 4 sports – Cricket, tennis, Athletics and Rugger whilst captaining in the first two! Due to his excellent application to study and play he was nominated as the Dornhorst Scholar in 1959 – The Highest a student at Royal could aspire for. Even though not captaining School at Rugger, he went to on to captain Sri Lanka against All England & British Lion International sides, During an era where Rugger was dominated by Europeans in the country, ELP penetrated the very bastion of Europeanism – The CCC & CH & FC – to play and captain both teams at cricket & Ruggerand that too as the first Sri Lankan to do so! This ace sportmen who in 1959 was chosen as the ‘Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year” then moved to Cambridge University and while reading for his master Degree became a team-mate of two future England captains – Tony Lewis and Mike Brearely, A little bird tells me, that Lorenz considers the days at Cambridge as free and wild, where he was able to run riot imbibing every facet of a privileged life-style within a stimulating and glorious student environment!!!!

Since 20 years ELP who presently city planner with the Victorian Government, has been domiciled in Aussieland and considered as quite a “curry” expert with a penchant for Red Wine! With a passion and addiction for the game of tennis which Lorenz is engulfed with, it seems talent is flowing down within the family for niece Shalini Pereira is Sri Lanka’s No 1 Woman Seed at this moment of time (1995). As a City Planner in Victoria he as responsible in introducing the concept of a retractable roof for the now internationally acclaimed national Tennis centers in Victoria could Sri Lanka benefit in similar fashion?

Naturally Lorenz is proud of the enormous encouragement resource-wise and affection-wise, given by his Parents which have had the Biggest impact upon his life.

The school mates at Royal, with whom he had and endless summer, having fun and playing games, are considered as the dearest and most precious friends. This crack

Three-quarter and versatile playmaker at rugby of yester-year, has also two strong ambitions simmering within – to coach Royal at Rugby with concept developed up on the Australian rules of Football and Rugby league , which he feels will radically change

The way Rugby is played presently. His second ambition is to set a major Recreation Facility in Sri lanka.

A Classic product of Royal E.L. Pereira who excelled in Study and sports and who could possibibly be tagged as the “best All round Royalist of the Century” (did I hear someone call it an under statement?) has some very and dynamic advise for the young Royalists i.e.,

Acquire a keen interest in something which becomes a driving passion in your

Life and get out there and innovate and never give up due to initial


Floreat, Lorenz – Floreat!


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