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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prasantha moves on


DIAS ABEYGUNAWARDENE, PRASANTHA NIMAL (ex Deputy Director SACEP) - Loving son of late Norman & Daisee Dias Abeygunawardene, precious son-in-law of late Ernest & Ruby Muthuvaloe, beloved husband of Subashini, darling father of Sulakshana, brother of Dushyantha (Dinko), brother-in-law of Mano, Emmanuel & Jo, Kamalini & Freddie, grandfather of Aevahn, Ayrron & Syesha & father-in-law of Elmo Anthony. Cortege leaves residence No. 09, International Buddhist Centre (IBC) Road, Colombo 6 at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday 26th January for Burial at Kanatte Borella (Roman Catholic Section).         023680 DN Jan 26 2012

Tributes from '59 Group members:

I just got the news about Prasanna.  Fortunately I was able to see him last week.  I then called a couple of others eg Jiggs, Huna etc and asked them to go and see Prasanna as soon as possible.
Prasanna was a real gent and we will all miss him.
Upali, please give Subarshini my deepest sympathies if you happen to go to the funeral
Firoz Nilam

I am glad i visited Prasantha few weeks ago. Had a long chat and indeed he was very happy to reminisce the past and forget about his sickness. I never expected him to leave us so soon.
He is a thorough gent.
May the turf lie gently on him.



Now that we are all passing through 64 the rate of movement to the other side will certainly accelerate and I do hope and pray that we have all lived our lives well to be content and pleased with our contribution towards humanity, our families, and the world in general.
Its been a long 6+ decades on the planet and lets hope we can all meet on the other side, someday.
Some have been there early and some will be dead on time and a few will be, as usual late. What ever it is let us think of the good we did,do and will be doing in future (provided always, if time permits).
Summarizing the 6 decades we have not done bad. Only a few (Less than 5) have failed in their duties. Out of 36x6=216 only about 5 have failed. Work out your first form arithmetic and see the percentage.(2.3148%) right or wrong?
Among many achievements, the latest is Lukshman Samaranayaka.(King James IV Professor).
Have we failed? NO!
Let us do more to help the needy.

Yes, Daya ndeed a very sad moment!! He was a decent bloke, and tried hard to taech me to play tennis!!!
Did call on him, about 2 months ago, but frankly in a way it was a merciful ending. May he rest in peace!!

Keep clicking Mate that's all that will be left of us once v are gone.As Skanda said,the 59 G is unique and v hv held together for so long,I still remember Ducky playing Tennis,like Muthu he too thought he was a Mcanroe
Suren Cooke

His most outstanding quality was his intense College, his Friends ,his Peers and of course his Family. Will Miss You Ducky ! Rest in Peace !.

Hello, All:

All the wonderful, heart-felt tributes to Prasantha make we wish I had gotten acquainted with him. He seems to have left an enduring legacy of love and service.  May the fond memories of his life sustain his wife, family, and friends.

Fifty years have slipped by with little or no effort on my part to stay connected with my "Group."  Most of the names on this distribution list are, therefore, just names to me, with various degrees of recollection of some of you.  I am blessed by being included in this network, and express my appreciation to those who have taken the initiative to keep this going.  The interest in each other, the support, and caring are quite evident.

My visits to Sri Lanka are rather infrequent (every other year, or so).  If the timing works out, I would love to attend one of your ("our") gatherings.

My best wishes to each of you in your various endeavors to make a difference in this world.

Raj Attiken, USA

May he Rest in Peace!


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