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A dedication to those wonderful people who served Royal Primary School & Royal College, in Sri Lanka, since 1835, and, who will be remembered for their committment, sincerety and unselfishness.

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rollicking Royal Regiment

Magnificent Men, Women & Boys of Royal

Royal Primary School & Royal College have seen the personalities and passage of so many distinguished and magnificent men and women who have walked the corridors within the hallowed premises, and taught and served the many thousands in the most prestigious and premier educational institution, in Sri Lanka, since 1835.

The multitude of students who spent many a wondrous day in class, in the labs, outdoors and on the sports arena, excelling in their efforts and who now may be the custodians of many a prestigious institution, business, profession, organization or field will always remember these teachers and staff members who spared no pain in extending their services with committment, responsibility and justice.

They were the ones who helped us, in no small means, to learn of books, and learn of men, and learn to play the game!

This blog is dedicated to all of them and attempts to capture and portray their personailities, traits, funny moments and significant contributions in every possible and simple way. To those who have passed away we bless their departed souls. For those who still tarry along with us, we wish you many more years of goodness on earth. You have done your job well. May you be reap the best of rewards.

Please send your stories to for publication on this blog.

The date of this post has also been postdated to Dec 31 2007 in order that it will remain at te top of the blogger, as a header, while all other posts are contained beneath it.


The Royal Video Clip

Royal Thomian Match Souvenirs

RC '59 Group

Past Principals of Royal College

Sacred to the Memory of Principal E L Bradby (TDSA Dissanayaka)

Dudley K G de Silva [Dudda]

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel M K J Cantlay ED JP (AF Sameer, Laki, Rohan Jayatilleke, Daily News)

Bevil St Elmo de Bruin (Sunday Island, Rev Mervin Stoddart, Mel Cooke, Sunday Times)

E C Gunasekera [Kataya] (Lalanath de Silva LLM, Siddiq Ghouse)

M T Thambapillai [Thamba] (ULK)

Kadalay of Royal


61 Group Pics

Class of '49 (TDSA Dissanaike)

1960 Roll Call - sent in by Kusum Perera

Class of '62

Snippets from the past

'61 Group Classroom Antics - 1 [SAPEY]

'61 Group Clasroom Antics - 2 [RUPPERTY]

'61 Group Classroom Antics - 3 [GHANDI]

'61 Group Xlassrooim Antics - 4 [Canto & RITA]

'61 Group Classroom Antics - 5 [Bella]

RC Hostel 1959 Pic
L to R
Row 1: R G Hapuarachchi, , B.N.Ranasinghe, N. Chellappah, Thiagarajah, Zahir Mohamed, M Thassim, Somasunderam, , Pathirana, H.A.Karunasekara.

Row 2: C.Abeywickrama, S Y Samaraweera, Samaratunga, , C S Fernando, , J D M Kulatilleke, L A D Sirisena, Wimal Gunawardena, N.Mendis, Wendell Solomons, Dayaratna, Raheem, S.Canagasabey, , Garret.Fernando, , , S L de Silva, U C Jayasinghe, N R Kumarage, R L Wickramaratne, M A S Dawood

Row 3: N Kalupahana, R Sabapathypillai, Sunil Mendis, N P Nilaweera, , Cassim, Samararatna, , , N M DeRun, A.PL de Vas, Thambiraja, L J K Hettiarachchi, S D Atukorale, Alwis, Lal Ratnayaka, T Sivanesarasa, N Ranasinghe, N G Patikirikorale, P N W Kannangara, P de Silva, Ismail, M D Illangage, , D Kalupahana

Row 4: Leon Belleth, , T B C Edirisinghe, S R K N Sabaratnam, , R Rudran, , Wijayanayagam, L A W Sirisena, L S P Rajendra, S G Gunaratne, , , , ,Hutan Hettiaratchi, Mapa Gunaratne

Row 5: , R A Pothuhera, Mr. L Samararatne, Mrs. Belleth, Mr. C E Belleth, Mr. Dudley K G de Silva, Mr. B St. E de Bruin, Miss Ratnayake, Mr. W Devapriya, T V Wickramasuriya, Sivathondan

Row 6: O K P Gunasekera, Nihal Canagasabey, K I Mahmud, R Chandrasena, D R Pulleperuma, S W Atukorale, D.E R Hapuarachchi, N.S. Kumaranatunge, K K Amaradasa, P G W G Premaratne, K A Gunawardena, M H Subasinghe, W Mallawarachchi, S J W Ambepitiya, S N Jayasinghe, G S C Perera

[Note: space between comma delimiter denotes missing names]

RC Masters 1953 Pic

More ROYAL Links

Royal College Old Hostellers' Association

Royal College OHA Forum

Old Royalists in the UAE

Royalists in Parliament 2002

100 Royal Volunteers at Sarvodaya

Gihan Nilendra Wickremanayake

Dr Colvin Goonaratna

Mr William Norman RAE

Group of '86

Royal Crazy @ Blogsome

Royal College '59 Group Photo Album I

Royal College '59 Group Photo Album II

Royal College '62 Group


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Link to 1962 group

9:21 AM  
Blogger Kadalay of Royal said...

done, thanks for the link and please send in more stuff about Collge for publication

5:04 PM  
Blogger Horus said...

Think the date on your blog is wrong.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Kadalay of Royal said...

Horus, I put that 2007 date there on purpose in orderf to keep that post at the top all of the time as posts to the blog are displayed in descending calendar order.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In just 4 weeks, it would be Tuesday, 6th January 2009. That would be the 50th Anniversary of you gentlemen entering the portals of Royal.

On that day you might reminisce that exactly fifty years ago, a group of boys (216 in all, I think), assembled in the ground floor lobby of the Lower School wing of Royal College, Colombo 7, listened to the welcome address by Mr. Abeysinghe, the Head Master and were then led away to their respective form rooms by their class teachers to start a chapter in their lives that probably changed life itself.

I do not know most of you, but do know a few, especially the RCH boys whom we met a day earlier. I do not know whether you have any plans to commemorate the 50th Anniversary, but hope that you would in whatever manner you feel is suitable. I wish you well.


An old acquaintance.
(for the time being, let me remain anonymous.....)

10:41 PM 9th Dec 2008

9:16 AM  
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