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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sixties Stories from RC

The Colombo Oval, 13th & 14th March 1963, Randy Morrell wins the toss and elects to bat. With the score at 254 for 9, the Thomians declare and S.S. Kumar’s boys are in trouble, Cosby is out for 2 and Hamza follows suite, Royal are 17 for 2, Skipper SS scores a single and he’s out for 1, Shaw hangs on batting cautiously with Malale, and then Shaw is caught at 27, Royal are now 42 for 4, Cedric joins Malale and the fireworks start. Those whose heads are heavy, after too much spirits and are in a horizontal state, start to rise like Zombies, staggering yet watch the magic unleashed by Malale.

There aren't many old crocks on the roads after the match, light house too is quiet, everyone is at the Race course, at the Blue and Gold Fair. The popular requests on the public address system, are Elvis Presley’s “Suspicions” and Cliff Richards “ The Young Ones”. Yes, we were the young uns at that time.

After 4 hectic days, Thursday to Sunday, our first carnival and the Royal Thomian, Dudley has decreed that the term exams would start on Monday.

Representations and objections, fell on deaf ears and so we decided to take the law into our own hands, Monday morning the entire class [ lower VI ] met at the Dehiwela zoo, Tapare Jayasekera brought along his guitar. Our first stop was the monkeys cage, where we taught the monkeys to smoke and also other intimate stuff which they learnt so well, that when groups of schoolgirls came, they proudly did what they were taught, which made the girls blush and run away in embarrassment, much to our amusement.

The next stop was the rhinoceros pit, after being chased away from the monkeys, before long we were chased away from here too as we were trying to coax the rhino to jump out of the pit. Next morning, the whole lot were called to the Conference Room with Dudley threatening to suspend anyone without a valid excuse letter. Luckily, all had letters of excuse . We did regret our action of the previous day, as Thayaparan, our botany teacher, an old Royalist himself took our boycott as something personal. However much we tried to explain that it was not his paper that we boycotted, but the first exam he would not listen to us. A few months later he left college, which made us feel guilty. However, he was in for another rude shock, for one Saturday morning he took us to the Negombo Lagoon, on a botany expedition. As we got off from the cars Kaiyyum KKB, got a bright idea of jumping into the lagoon and committing suicide. At first we were all worried, then we realized this was just a hoax, poor Thayaparan was sweating and in a panic and it took him about half an hour to persuade Kaiyyum not to end his life .The moment Kaiyyum agreed to abandon his threat we were all bundled into the cars and back we returned to College, end of the botany expedition. The following year,we coaxed Cos Dias to take us on this trip and he took us to the Bamba beach to study sea plants. The moment he bent down to examine a plant, most of us took off, for the Holy Family back wall was right behind us. We climbed the back wall, and started screaming for the girls to come out. It was a thrill for us to approach the girls from the back door. At that time we were unaware that to our friends in Mt Lavinia, an approach from the rear was a done thing. Cos Diaz, was so mad when he caught us, the trip was abandoned and back we were in college.

Around this time, EC Kataya was trying to emerge as the disciplinarian of the upper school a self appointed role he was trying to take on supported by a few losers in the staff like Thillainadarasa ( aka Sonny Liston) AK Sharma, and a few others. Lower sixth second term exam, Thilla comes to class to supervise and immediately walks upto Lloyd P, who was buisy answering his paper lifts him up and gives him an upper cut. Lloyd is dazed and falls back onto the seat, about 5 of us with KKB in the forefront escorted Lloyd out of the class and walked him over to the Cinnamon Gardens police station. While escorting Lloyd to the cop station we could see the whole gang ( Kataya and his stooges) looking out from

a classroom noting down the guys accompanying Lloyd. At the cop station,while Lloyd sat dazed we made a statement which was more descriptive than a Muhammed Ali, knock out fight and Lloyd signed the statement. The inquiry by the cops went on for about 6 months till Thilla had to finally apologize to Lloyd, and this brought an abrupt end to Thilla’s boxing career at Royal, but started the fight between Kataya Gunasekera and us.

Unfortunately, Kataya was our zoo master and just after this incident he was able to get his revenge. While the rest were dissecting the rat, according to the priciples laid out in the text book, I cut the scrotal sac and had the testes in my forceps scouting for a suitable person to put it on. There was NR Fernando, trying to emulate his father who was an anesthetist, very busy dissecting, removing his hanky from his pocket every 5 mts to wipe the sweat off his face. So I walked up to NR, and managed to lodge the testes in his hanky, little did I realize that Kataya was watching my every move. A few minutes later

NR took the hanky out and wiped his face unaware that he was rubbing the rats testes all over his face and when he realized that he had the testicles stuck to his face, there was pandemonium. Kataya threw me out from class, for the rest of the year and unfortunately he was the zoo teacher in the upper VI th, first and second year as well, so I was out of his class from mid ’63 to the end of December ’65.

February 1963, NR & Dr. Kanda are suspended from college, as they were caught by the Principal cutting college. They were standing for a bus right opposite the Principal’s bungalow in Reid Ave. That afternoon NR decides to run away from home and he comes to my place in a morris minor taxi, he sits in the backseat refuses to get down and he says “ machan, I am running away from home, pay the taxi fare”, which was about 3 bucks, big money in those days. So I went down the lane collecting money and finally

paid the fare. We now go over to Gamini Edirisinghe’s ( Kalu Albert), which is a few yards away from my back door . NR relates his story and asks for Albert’s bike to which Gamini responds “ you run machan, but leave my bike and run”. In 1984, I go to the UDA head office in Colombo, to meet Dr.NR, he was the legal advisor to the prime minister and also Deputy Chairman UDA, over a property in Kandy damaged during the 83 riots.

I was called in immediately and over a phone call to the Kandy branch, the matter was resolved. I thanked him and when I was leaving he says “ ado, thank you wont do, what about my fee”. I then reminded him that I paid a retainer 21 years ago, he looked puzzled about my fee”. I then reminded him that I paid a retainer 21 years ago, he looked puzzled and when I reminded him that I paid his taxi fare, I was chased out with Fs and Bs.

1964, encouraged by his goons, Kataya without Cos Dias’s permission forcibly puts an additional desk and chair in Cos’s room for himself. Cos was then head master upper school . Kaiyyum and I walk into see Cos, usually we are full of smiles when we go to see Cos, but this day we had glum looks on our face, and when Cos inquired why, we told him we were disappointed with him, that he was scared of Kataya and that before long Kataya would take his seat and throw him out. We dared Cos to throw Kataya’s desk and

chair out of his office and not to tolerate him. Next morning, we noticed the desk and chair were thrown out of the office and we congratulated Cos, that ended Kataya’s pranks for a while.

1962, lower V Kota Silva’s Latin exam. Two and a half rows are copying from Mung Ataya’s paper. I am next to Mung and Kadalay Janz copies from me and it goes down to the rest on kadalay’s right and from there to the last 2 rows. Mung, suddenly hits his hand on his forehead to attract our attention and inserts a word, we follow suite . The next day Kota slaps the entire 2 1/2 rows for writing filth in the Latin exam. The last two in the last row were Hans Kinch and Rukoniva, the Dutch and Polish ambassadors sons,

twice the height of Kota, he stands on his toes and slaps them too. Mung inserted “Clitoria”, he Latinized the clitoris and before handing over his answer script scratched it off, while we thought it was a latin word and paid the price for it. This made me change over to Madam’s English lit class the next year. In the 60s, trousers had no zips, but buttons . Kobbe’s trousers had no buttons and he didn't wear any underwear either. He sat right in front of Madam, and when the class was engrossed in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Kobbe’s trio would venture out from the buttonless trouser to listen to the antics of Portia and Bassanio trying to save Antonio’s pound of flesh from Shylock. Then madam notices the 3 who should not be in the class and says ‘Umagiliya sit properly”, Kobbe just slips them in and before long madam repeats the 3 words again, this interruption occurs at least 3 or 4 times in class.

Like in the movie The Great Escape, where the allied POWs discover they have a master forger in their midst, we too discovered one in the college hostel. Unlike the POWs who were forging travel documents, we only needed new report cards. So before the end of term we bribed Dudley’s peon Kulatunge, and he in turn gave us the reports in their recycled brown paper envelopes with the Raja Sevaya Pinisa seal on it

and in addition blank report cards. We met at no: 27 Bagatelle Rd, which was Jega’s residence and our club house and the original reports were read out loud, amidst jeers and cheers at the marks and comments. Then the blank report cards were filled out and every subject was in the 90s, Dudley’s comments “Unsatisfactory” in the original report now read “Excellent” in the forged version and the signature looked more authentic than Dudley’s . These were now replaced in the envelopes and mailed out and the originals were kept safely with the parent or guardian’s signature being signed by the master forger. Everybody was happy, parents were happy with the reports and the teachers with the original reports that were turned in with the “parents signature” at the beginning of the new term. Only, I missed the little fun I had at the expense of a friend who lives in Alfred Place. Before we discovered the master forger, the original reports were mailed home, and I used to visit this guy on the day the reports arrive at

home. He used to get 3 and 4 for chemistry and physics and when I get there in the evenings, his father used to bat to me for about half an hour till our friend finishes his bathroom session. So on the day the report arrives, the topic of discussion is studies and marks. When I am asked for my marks I say 97 and 96 for chemistry and physics, and start batting about how easy these subjects are if one devotes at least 2 to 3 hours each day to study at home. I avoid him the next day at school knowing fully well that he would have got the works at home, and he comes looking for me and I get a work out full of Fs and Bs, for he is gated.

1964, Kalu Albert makes the mistake of announcing that his 18th B’day was the following week. When we asked him for a party, his reply was, you beggars will eat and go and will not bring any presents. We promised to bring presents, still he said no till Lionel Peiris assured him that we would bring gifts. So on that day, about 35 guys were at Gamini’s all with gifts, shirt boxes well wrapped in brown paper, as in the

sixties there was no gift wrapping paper. I had no shirt box and found a box for the “Morning Pride” shaving cream tube. So I filled it with pebbles and put some old cloth on both ends so that it would not rattle if shaken. Wrapped this in brown paper and walked over for the party, 18 year old Gamini was beaming he had received 35 gifts and when he took mine, his first question was “Is it a wristlet or a moth organ”, to which I replied it was a surprise. This was the first time that Gamini played such a perfect host forcing us to eat and eat, and we did so knowing that this was the last party at his place. The gifts were stacked in the office room, 35 shirt boxes all wrapped in identical brown paper and one box containing either a wrist watch or mouth organ. When his relations came in they were taken to the office room, a proud B’day boy displaying the generosity of his friends. Finally when it was time to say goodbye, he called me aside and says “machan since you organized the party, take at least 10 shirts I don't need all”. Knowing what was inside the boxes, I refused his generosity and got the hell out of there. A few minutes later I get a call, when I answered, he says “g, gyg the hell out of there". A few minutes later I get a call, when I answered, he says “bloody bastard’ and hangs up. The whole family had got together in the office room and opened gift after gift, each box had old knickers wrapped in newspaper, or old jock straps wrapped in newspapers, finally he had opened the last box thinking at least that had a shirt, unfortunately that too had the same stuff. That was Albert’s last B’day party.

In 1962, NR was unanimously elected chairman of the Buddhist Brotherhood. Later, the election was annulled and fresh elections were held, as there was enough evidence to prove that Kaiyyum had led a group of about 30 members of the Hindu Students Society to vote enbloc for NR. So much for the racial violence in the country today. Maybe the tree climbers in parliament need to learn a lesson from this.

And finally, this is Atu’s favourite opening stroke, when he comes to the states each year, a trip he wangles annually as head of the AIDS & VD dept. When Atu’s pater passed away, the hostellers went to Ratnapura for the funeral. When it was time for the boys to return,Atu had inquired from each one whether they had enough cash for bus fare. Everyone said yes machan don't worry. Carl Thambirajah had 10 cts, Dr Peter Suba 10 cts,Ganga Ismail 5 cts etc. So Atu arranged for them to return with Barney

Raymond who was coming back alone in the hearse. Barney made the mistake in stopping on the way to buy a bottle of arrack, which he offered the boys in the back after taking a few sips. The bottle was never returned to the owner. Finally when they returned to Colombo, he had gone to the hostel to drop them off, however one could not get down, and the boys had pleaded with Barney to drop him off at his brother’s place in Unity Place, behind Ladies back wall, opposite end of Balu Amme’s. So when

Barney reached his destination, he had rung the door bell and opened the hearse back door and slid the stretcher down ( where the coffin is placed) and rolled out Dr Peter Suba, who lay on the stretcher comatose. On seeing this Suba’s poor mater has screamed “kadavuley, kadavuley”, thinking the son’s dead body was being brought home.

I am sure if the genie gives us 3 wishes, every Royalist would wish as follows.

1. To go BACK TO ROYAL ( Happy land, Happy land) from the 1st form onwards.

2. To have the same masters.

3. To have the same classmates, as we have become one big family.



Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Siddiq Ghouse in Toronto:

Ado Bawa what a great memory.Oh those wondeful days what good times we had.

John Hills class with balu,nathas double slaps,half soda jumping to give a kane,ec telling us how to sit, menons dissection in the zoo lab and prawns and parts of the rat flying from the top floor on some poor guy, sherifdeen's three one one grip in the woodwork shop, dudda singing the college song at assembly with his mouth wide opened, copper mutthucumarus calssical music at the assembly to put us all to sleep and at times when the music pauses we all try to get up thinking its over and then suddenly it starts again much to our disappointment,going to thurstan for a punt.

What wonderful memories. Please keep us loaded it really keeps us going to recall those halycon days.

thnks bawa

Siddiq (Colin) Ghouse

6:40 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer Rasheed in NY:

Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 8:59 PM

Dear Bawa,

As a Thomian I would wish the same with the same old buggers. It was good clean fun and even today we are able to talk about it.

Those were the days my friend. I wonder what young Edirisinghe is doing these days. Has anyone heard from him.


3:34 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa Jan 23 2008

Young Edirisinghe is mad as ever. He is the Chairman Albert Edirisnghe & Co ltd, and works only from 7-10 am. Rest of the day he is batting. Also was chief organiser of the Baddegama electorate for Ranil W at the last election. Was hoping for a JPUM , unfortunately Ranil lost.Thanks to organizers like him and Chandresa of Fentons.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki, Jan 24 2008

Thanks Ghouaa, That really took me down memory lane !

What about Alles slapping Atu after putting him on the form - I think the first day of class , Jeiya winning the 'hairiest legs' competition - the day we all planned & wore shorts & carrying a small suitcase in the lower 6th , SAAP Perera slapping me & calling me a bastard for laughing loud in the Geography room ( with old Atchii sitting outside with her achharu ) when he called JK a blinking blithering blasted buffoon & Mohan Muna... said , aloud , B to the power 4 !! ( I went & complained to the VP - ? .... that SAAPE insulted my parents & he gave me 4 shots with the cane for complaining against a Master ! ) & the day Du & Shanta took the rotor arm from Natha's car parked outside the Armoury & put it back only a day or two later , Gussie & Sakkili Samarasinghe's challenge fight in the cycle shed - sadly no longer there ?


3:36 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Siddiq Ghouse Jan 24 2008

Remember Kadalai Aachi and the grams the seniors use to grab from her with her chasing, no one can forget polthel Baptist and the globe hanging in the geography room going up and down and his old BSA mobike, and not to forget his son Karl a nutty guy.

Recall the clash between Hemantha (Ambasssador to Italy) and Kili (Maharjas chairman) at the Nalanda match Hemanthas lorry drivers there with cranks.

I remember SAA Perera giving me a kaney when he walked into a class without a teacher and asked me "Whats the subject your'll are having" and i said Greek. I had to stand on the form for the rest of the class and repeat "Not Greek but English Literature".

The romeo masters capper Fernando and Devapriya, the latter putting a break to Malini Saranapala of the tuck shop.

Remember Timmys dad Mung and how we used to past remarks at him. No one can forget Mudguard and Ronnie Fernando standing on the platform in class and covering his mouth and shouting "Mudguard" and poor Sellamuttu getting a slap.

Poor Mudguard he didnt have a ghost of a chance. As for the Abeyratne boys they were at the helm of everything and terribly noted and i still recall those dirty bailas your'll used to sing especially you Lokki.(how you ended up a priest baffles me).

Conner's tales too kept us going especially the one about how he went hunting and was chased by an elephant and he signalled left and turned right while the elephant turned left.

I am presently in canada visiting my son who is now a permanent resident here and i have been here since August, but guess who i met here Pottay Jansz. He stays close to my sons place in Pickering. The bugger invited me to dinner and he batted on six after six.

Anybody on board recall some incidents please keep it rolling.

Oh those wonderful memories More please.

Gawwa (Colin) Ghouse

3:40 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From CW Abhyaratne Jan 25 2008


I did Colombo west for Milinda Moragoda and HE WON !!!

We asked for ONE vote for Ranil and HE GOT THE HIGHEST Number OF VOTES IN THE COUNTRY !!

that was superb.lets hope others keep adding.maybe after sometime one of you JOBLESS/RETIRED mates can compile a doc with all the good ones for us to keep.

a small correction on the hemath/ killie story.

they were both on the same side. INCLUDING ANGUS.!!! the fight was with DOLE of Colpetty junc.

how about the following;
Chula Sam (now gone)getting thrashed by Bano Chapman whilst he was reading notices on the main notice board. WHY? commenting on his THEN girl friend's legs !!!
she is now married to one of my in-laws and chappie was last known to have been in JAIL in Aussie !!

GRL informing someone that he has sat for the 'semi-finals' and not finals.

Boorah putting a 'catcall'by tickling his toungue, on the galle road in front of AZZAR IDROOS'S house, ON RAMAZAN OR THE PROPHET'S b'day 'cos he was full from eating at Majid's house !!

BAWA going for a 3 show at the Empire on a sunday with the boys, but spending his time in the phone booth opp/under the big tree having a looong love talk with Fathima (fats) !!!

Patti,Hetti, etc spending the hostel money on a doped horse as advised by Hemaka, and giving spoilt fruits from the thimba market fot the hostel dinner !!!

shall add more as time goes on. some of us have to still keep working to keep the home fires burning !!


3:44 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Reza Asshroff (Bawa) jan 25 2008

Ado what work are you are oiling the palms keep the fires burning.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Ghouse Jan 25 2008

Dear Chane,

How notorious were the Abeyratne twins whom i have known from Primary 1955.

Who can forget the "Kool Blu" show the guys organised at Tapare's uncles place down skeleton Road or was it at Ronnie Fernandos.

About 50 buggers cramped into a tiny room with turns to look out if the cops were raiding.We got the projector from the Kelaniya temple of buddharakita thero which tapare organised.We were there with shirts out because it was like a furnace and tongues out while the film hammered away it was a 8 mm film.How many times the bloody thing broke down with cat calls and hoos but we enjoyed it.

Remember Ronnie and how the 3 seniors were hovering round him while we were in the form 2 or so those 3 guys Degamboda, Silva and Karunasekera (now a doc) passing chocolates etc which we shared.I had dinner with pottay jansz in Canada last week and he was "batting' and telling a tale how he and Van Twest(Vante) went to Ganewatte to see Vante's girl while Vante had told his pater (Also an old royalist)that they were going to Pattis estate.

Pottays pater an engine driver (also an old Royalist) was also in Ganewatte shunting his engine and pottay had gone to meet the old man for a loan and he told the old man that he and Vante were staying at pouliers estste.

Incidentally Vantes pater and pottes pater were good pals and they had met that weekend and pottays pater spillied out the beans.When vante returned home his pater was waiting with the belt hidden and asked vante where he has been. Vante replied to "Pattis eststate"Out came the belt and vante got the works while pottay took off like a whiz and disappeared. The following day in college vante went for pottes neck and all had to cool the bugger down.Poor vante he is now a recluse after he lost his son and doesnt keep in touch.


3:47 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Ranjith Perera Jan 26 2008

Hi Chane,

Pleasant surprise to hear from you after a long lapse, like the case of "Humbay" Bawa. Re. Milinda M - I too was in the organising team along with you & J K. Rest of the contents are true & accurate. Re : Your elder Bro - His Holiness Ven. Lokki - Has he finally retired & if so, is he yet in Robes or Disrobed?

Bye for now.


3:48 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

Siddiq (Colin) Ghoue wrote on Jan 28, 2008:

Ado GRL.

Why were you thrown out of the eye bank did Cassa catch you stealing eyes.

GRL come up with your ones you have a dossier there I know.

Pls find the time we simply enjoy your ones although watching you in person gives it lots of glamour and the style you say it.

More of the sixties

12:51 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Siddiq (Colin) Ghouse on Jan 28, 2008:

More of the roaring sixties.

Remember Ruperty who always had his hands in his pocket. His class was in the lab next to the geography room and since we mess around always with the lab like releasing the gas in the Bunsen burner we all had to line up out side till Ruperty opens the lab.

So we were lined up and Ruperty puts a short from the Masters room pass the armoury and comes to the ledge where one of us lined up has to pull the man up.

When he comes there he puts a shout to one of us and we have to haul him up, and mostly we who are facing the lobby side ignore much to his annoyance before finally complying.

Once the late Gazali Omar was assigned the job and, the scamp he was, he pulled up Ruperty several times and let go and finally dropped the guy.

Ruperty was fuming and he came to class making a long walk avoiding the short cut and gave Gazali 2 massive slaps with Gazali protesting that he couldn’t bear the weight.

Another day Ruperty who has a constant smokers cough told the class to do some assignment and slipped into the small room in the lab. We were all curious to know what he was doing so Gazali made a peep and said “he was making Kothamali for his cough using the beaker and Bunsen.

We all took turns to peep in and Ruperty didn’t notice as he was seated facing the wall. The moment I peeped Ruperty looked back and then I got two thundering kaneys on my cheeks.

Canto was the Sinhala master and remember woe beyond to the guys who sit in the first row since they are assured of a spit bath since every word Canto speaks comes out with spit.

Once I think it was Bura he was drawing circles with the spit he had on his desk and canto gave him a stunning slap.

Also in that class we were putting a baila thumping on the desk singing,

'Canto darling Canto darling can I be a scout,

Yes my darling. yes my darling put this... (youll know the rest)".

We didn’t realize Canto was just near the corridor chatting with S H PERERA outside the adjoining class. Canto walked in and since had observed one of the guys singing it he gave him a thundering slap (for his strength) to silence all of us.

Colin Gawwa

12:56 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA Jan 28 2008:


Bugghers were waiting for an excuse to start batting...especially that retired buggher, shivering in the cold in Toronto. Now they have started, there is no stopping them.


12:58 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on jan 28, 2008:

Abhaya (as the wise 'un, my neighbourer calls you).

You are in deep shit.... Chapman is due in SL in a months time, and yr email has been forwarded to him, so he will be at Fentons to settle some " accounts".

Please read Shaw Wilson's e mail below, Chapman was never Jailed, if I were you I'd take a months vacation on Fentons account. Go abroad .Good luck.


From: shaw
Date: Sunday, January 27, 2008, 12:36 AM

Before I add some more tales I would like to correct some of the misconceptions of our dear fellow Royalist. A.R.L.Chapman, alias Mano is happily married and is a grand father of three teenagers. He is married to a very beautiful, Greek lady and never served any Jail sentence in Australia. He is retired and ended up as a Master plumber making plenty of money. I met him about six months ago,and will be meeting him again this Sunday, when Happo and wife visit Australia .

Vanti is not a recluse, he is very much in touch with me and with the boys coque, Kriky, Babba Sourjah in Queensland. It is true he lost his son, but Kaddale Janze has battered to Goussie. Kaddale and Vantie had a fall out when Vanti and Wife visited Canada.

Thats another story.

Now for some tales.

! Bellas class (C.E.Beleth) Math class sits according to alphabetical order V and W next to each other in the last row.

Vanti constantly talking and not doing the sums that Bella wanted done. Bella calls out Vantwest stand up. I know your father, what is he doing now? Sir he is a J.P. Bella says 'Jolly good a justice of peace and you his son an utter disgrace'.

Vantie interrupts, and says, 'Sir, he is a jolly pensioner'. The whole class laughs and Bella gives Vanti additional sums to do.

Royal Thomian 1960. Our first old crock. There was trouble at the Galle Face and the police from the Fort Police station were called to see what the problem was. We just drove past the Galle Face Hotel and got stopped by the cops. All bottles went underground and butts overboard. We were asked by the sergeant to follow the cop car to the police station. On asking Why? the cop said that we were harassing young ladies. Bundu, our driver, without keeping his mouth shut - of course he had the better of some good pol provided by Burra, Dush, & Shantha - replied, "Sir on my way to the Galle Face passing Galle — I say, 'naginawa ende police stationta'. And so thanks to Bundu off we went to the cop shop in utter silence, with all the booze gone in 5 minutes. The only one who was heard to speak was Kotta Shumga who was picked up at Kollupitiya saying, 'I do not know why I got in'. At the cop shop the I.P in charge welcomed us by saying go in and see where you will be spending the night. So off we went in single file to see the cells. Pin drop silence. 'I say', said the I.P now, 'give me your parents name and phone numbers'. First was R.M.Fernando. Dr.Simione Fernando. The first 5 names were all Drs. including Kottashumga. Next was V. Coomarswamy M.P., followed by Chief Electrical Engineer, next Director Western’s, next Secy of the House of Representatives. That was enough to put the I.P. off. 'Get the hell out of here and dont come to Galle Face again'.

That was our first nights experience on our first old crock.

Who will for get Spencer Founder giving school fee in one cent coins to Arasa? Founder leaves it on the table, and with one swipe of the hand Arasa, knocks the coins to the floor and says, 'YE man, Founder go and sell your mother in the market man'.

Keith Paul and Rex Pereira drive past college Racecourse Ave, and standing at the bus stop in front of the basketball court is none other than Arasa. Rexie stops the car and Keith ask Arasa in. Arasa says, 'Ye man I prefer to travel in an omnibus than your bloody car'.

More tales in the next edition.


1:10 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa - Jan 28, 2008

--- Thambi,

The twin has retired, he has thrown out the cassock, so Fenton Baas is in deep shit. Mahinda Rajapakse can appoint him as the SL Ambassador to the Eelam, or Consul to the Maldives.


In reply to Nazeer Rasheed in NY:


I might suggest an extended trip to Canada to see his son with a side visit to NY (I will put him up). On the other hand he might have to look for "last rites" from his twin.



1:11 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Upendra Wickremasinghe on Jan 28 2008:

Somehow, I thought that the following has something to do with all this…..

Subject: FW: Miss. Sri Lanka winner of the quiz!!!!!!!!!

Question: Ms America, how do you describe a male`organ in your country?

Ms America: Well, I can say that male organs in America are like gentlemen.

Question: How can you say so?

Ms America: Because it stands every time it sees a woman........

(Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Spain, how do you describe a male organ in your country?

Ms Spain: Male organs in our country are like our very own Bullfight or Toro (Bull).

Question: How can you say so?

Ms Spain: Because it charges every time it sees an opening.

(Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Philippines, how do you describe a male organ in your country?

Ms Philippines : Well, I can say that male organs in our country are like gossip or rumours.

Question: How can you say so?

Ms Philippines : Because it passes from mouth to mouth.

(Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Iran, how do you describe a male organ in your country?

Ms Iran: Well, I can say that male organs in Iran are like thieves.

Question: How can you say so?

Ms Iran: Because they like to enter through the back door.

(Applause! Applause! Laughter! Laughter!)

Question: Ms India, how do you describe a male organ in your country?

Ms India: Well, I can say the male organs in India are like labourers.

Question: How can you say so?

Ms India: Because it works day and night......

(Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Sri Lanka, how do you describe a male organ in your country?

Ms Sri Lanka: Well, I can say that male organ in Sri Lanka is like the Parliament. It gets excited from time to time, and is only concerned with its own needs, so the country gets screwed.

(Applause! Applause! Laughter! Applause! Standing Ovation!)

1:17 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki on Jan 29 2008:

Dear Colin,

Re your comments about me, perhaps that is why I was (I think by many !!) regarded as a good understanding clergyman !!

I had been there !!

My regards to Potte/Kadalay Jansz when you meet again.

What about Vanti & Kiri Bada's father ? GRL is the one who knows to tell it well & also , our dear departed friend, Sugga.


10:21 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

Bawa wrote on Jan 29 2008:

Ruperty, used to take the short cut to his lab. ie from the staff room, past the armoury and then he'd put his head forward and call for "Jansen" next "Cader" etc, etc.

Knowing the order of the names he'd call out, we wait behind each of these guys and shout "F#$% off", "F#$% off", and prevent them from going over to the ledge to pull Ruperty up.

So, finally after about 10 mts of name calling and getting a response of "F#$% off", he'd take the long route, past the lockers, scout room, via the woodwork room, lobby and then to his class. By the time he reaches his destination about 15 mts of the period is over.

He then unlocks the door and says' Abdeen, Ashroff, Alagaratnam, Jansz out" the rest go in.


10:23 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Timothy de Alwis on jan 29 2008:


I seem to remember, I think it may have been in form 2, Ruperty taking us for one subject. I am not sure whether it was the “English Medium” that was involved.

He had selected 10 VILLAINS who had to stand at the front of the queue to enter the class room. The TOP TEN I think were given 2 whacks of the cane before entering and we were either put at the back of the class or right at the front. From recollection the ten included as usual You Bawa, Vanti, Pottey Jansz, Abdeen, Ronnie Fernando, possibly Cader, Carl Baptist, maybe Ghoussey, and I was No 10. Cannot remember the other may have been Kaleel.

Anyone remembers?


5:10 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Timothy de Alwis on Jan 29 2008:

Ado Bawa,

There has been a matter that has kept me puzzled for the last 40 odd years. Now may be its time you Bawa and the “Terrible” Abhayaratna twins can confess.

How is it that the 3 of you were never suspended or sacked for misbehaviour?

What hold did you all have on Dudley?

I was an “angel” compared to you 3 and yet I got sacked albeit on Friday afternoon and reinstated at lunchtime on the following Monday for an incident in Upper 5G in which I was innocent (The Shirestarajah Matter).


5:12 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Ms. DC in Colombo on Jan 29 2008:

My husband enjoyed reading it, even though he left Royal in 1956, to go to Sandhurst.

I skimmed through it. I remember Balu Ammey behind Ladies'. Chane Abeyratne sings in the choir of the Cathedral of Christ Living Saviour (at Baudhaloka Mwt, Col 7).

6:12 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Ghouse in Toronto on Jan 29 2008:


Ya that was true and i was one i remember thanks for recollecting.I remember your late dad and his car and the house down flower road.Why did they call you Mung? cant recollect.


6:44 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on jan 30 2008:

Yes, Ruperty did maths and latin. and we were put out for the "F off", as we did not let his guys carry him over the ledge.


We never got caught. Only once, over an argument with EC. He asked me how many lines I owed him, I said maybe over a thousand and I have lost count. He said, well, i want it today and I responded "you gotta hope".

I was sent to Dudley for that, and I twisted the story around when I went to Dudley, so I was given time to write the lines, which I never did.


Abhaya, ( as the wise un calls you).

Following is a distortion of facts.

GRL informing someone that he has sat for the 'semi-finals' and not finals.

GRL Perera, in the late sixties was a blossoming planter, who spent most of his time in Colombo, impressing in his short shorts and stockings, 2 packs of Gold Leaf and lighter in the left hand, motor cycle keys dangling in the right hand. On one of his frequent visits to Cbo, he walks into Lion House one evening and finds N.Subasinghe with a few guys.

They were seated towards the rear end (not at the table reserved for the patron, Mr.Abeywickreme), the planter now is at the cashier's desk and seeing Subey, he says "Sssuuubay, hhhow mmmachan, wwwhatt are yyyou dddoinggg". Subay, meekly replies,

"Just finished the exams, machan", and the planter bellows, "aaahh, ffffinals", Subay replies "no machan", and the planter responds " aaaahhhh...

Ssssemi Ffffinals".


10:28 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Senaka Abeywickrama on Jan 30 2008:






10:31 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on jan 30 3008"

Dear Mr.'ABEYWICKRAMA' late of Baddegama, presently Balsa Chica. (spanish for Balls & cheeks), my sincere apologies for categorizing you as a Donut maker. Teaching monkeys to use their hands, is not shocking.


10:32 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Timothy De Alwis on Jan 30 3008:

Hi Ghousey,

This is what my late dad told me not so long before I left for the UK (1966). Until then he used to keep quiet and occasionally I got a “kaney” for asking the question.

My dad was given the name “Mung Ataya” when he was at Royal. It was because somebody saw him allegedly buying Mung beans from a shop to take home. This I don’t believe because the fellow never used to do shopping when he was at school. His mum and dad had servants and they did the shopping. So the story went around school that my old dad loved mung beans. The truth is he detested Mung Beans. My grandmother told me when I inquired of her around 1964 how many times they ate Mung Beans at the house when my dad was a student, she said, "never", because my father and his father hated the stuff.

Now how this story originated?

According to my dad, when he “confessed”, it was the Terrible Twins dad who used to regularly buy Mung Beans. He told me it was Fenton Bass who used to buy the stuff. I don’t think my dad and the terrible twins dad were exactly very good friends. So he blamed Abhayaratna Snr for him getting the nickname. He said that the Terrible Twins dad should have been called Mung Ataya. Maybe the Terrible Twins will come out with the truth especially as one is due a sainthood in about 50 yrs!

Towards the end my late dad used to smile when those scallywags Bawa Ashroff and Mathurunayagam used to regularly put a hoot. He knew it was them. He used to sit down and analyse the voice and say “Its that Ashroff Bugger or Mathurunayagam Bugger”. There were other voices also but I used to say “I don’t Know” At first I used to get quite a few Kaneys but I learnt to run out of the lounge fast enough. My mum used to sit down and laugh her head off and then he would kick one of her cats and there would be an argument. While the argument was going on I would slip out of the backdoor walk up the the shops near Rosary Café and have a fag (Bristol I remember). The number of times he threatened to speak to Ashroff Snr and Mathurunayagam Snr (Mogambo) was unbelievable.

I remember walking into Hatfield Poly on the first day in 1966, and this Sri Lankan guy walked up to me and Said “Are you Mung Ataya”. I had never met him before. He told me that Mathurunayagam (Jega) had told him. This guy Winston Wijenayake and I remained life long friends till alas he was taken from us at an early age. After that I was also referred to as Mung Ataya by most of the Sri Lankans in Hatfield Poly.

So that’s the story. I ended up getting used to the name “Mung Ataya”.


10:36 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Ghouse in Toronto on Jan 30 2008:


Ya that was true and i was one i remember thanks for recollecting.

I remember your late dad and his car and the house down Flower Road. Why did they call you Mung cant recollect.


10:37 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Jan 30 2008:

1960, Lowerb V, Boorah's old crock is on Flower Rd, as we pass Mung's house, Snr Mung walks out to his car, the entire crowd scream Ado Mung, catcalls hoots, Jnr Mung too is hooting the father.

The old crock turns left onto Greenpath heading straight for Princess Restaurant. Boys are all settled comfortably sipping Beer, Snr Mung walks into Princess. The first person he sees is Jega seated on a bar stool with glass in hand. He tells Jega, " Mathuranayagam, I will report you to the Principal on Monday, schoolboys should not be in Bars drinking." Jnr Mung steps forward with glass in hand,
"Dad you will have to report me too". Snr Mung walks away, amidst severe cheers for Jnr. At that time Mr. De Alwis was on the Board of Governors, RC.


10:39 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From C W Abhayaratne on Jan 30 2008:

Shaw, is it the same 'BUNNO' /chappie who was a good cricketer and stayed near Gussy's down what is now 'kirimandalaya Rd?

if so very sorry.

Also tell him he owes me a lighter. The one i 'borrowed' from my mater and HE afted from me when gussy, he and i went for a fag down the lane!!!

Also did i tell u guys that the girl at the BRC who Chula saw is now married to one of my in-laws?


responding to Nazeers in NY,



Shaw and i spent a night with the fellow in June. He waited till Fatti went to sleep and was 'chatting' to Shaw - He stayed up until 3.00 am!!!


Sorry about that.i thought you were telling BAWA to come !!!

My son is back in SL after getting his citzenship.

I shall come visiting next time i am there for sure.


4:52 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From C W Abhyaratne on Jan 30 2008:

'eye ball' had applied for membership @ orient club. He had put my name as seconder. so i signed.

at the bar someone asked why should he join when he is a teetotaler.

He wears specs AND a hearing aid. So i thought maybe he heard it like ROTARY CLUB, and also could not see what he was signing !!!!


Giro, good to know that you have got up after a deep slumber!!!


What about the goings on in the wood or metal workshop during the o/levels?

Tales of jei and the GENERAL dathbeheth (now retd)


Dear prof - not doc -, i never knew you were from the Baddegama clan of the same name.
So are we-Adhihetty's-mater's side AND the Edirisinghe's.

Why do you think the original and BIG eye ball is in a temple there ?

Surely you remember the 'semifinals? was there EVER a day that you, Charlie, theva, the boxer, etc were not??


5:52 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Fazli Sameer in Riyadh on Jan 30 2008:

I can still remember Ghazi Careem borrowing my Durrant's Geometry Book through his close pal "Colin" Siddig Ghouse.

Never saw the book to date.

Anyone of his close mates have any idea where it may have ended up?

It would be nice to know before we make our final exit from this planet?

Had a hard time comvincing pater boy to buy me a new book from Dharmadasa Bookshop at Bamba next to Saras.

'59 Group

6:22 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Jan 31 2008:

May have exchanged it for a Playboy mag, what Durrant for Thambi Careem.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Monday, February 04, 2008

About Kayyum: Sunday 12.00noon just received a call from Dr. Hari Belafonte, who visited Kaiyyum this morning. Man is much better today and on the road to recovery. He is off the oxygen and Drs. Have decided to treat him with drugs rather than surgery.

KKB has got back his fighting spirits per Hari. He was assigned a chair in his room, so that he could sit. Today the chair has been taken from his room to be used by a heart transplant patient.

KKB has inquired from the nurse if he should have a heart transplant in order to have the chair back.....good signs.


5:17 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki on Mon, 4 Feb 2008

Pls Bawa, when you phone Belafonte, tell him to tell KKB that I am praying for his quick recovery (& also for Saro). I can assure you that God listens to old ,retired,
unemployed Priests, specially when they have been good boys while in school, unlike some of his classmates, who according various e-mails flying around, have been so
horrible !!


5:18 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Ghouse in Toronto on Monday, February 04, 2008

Dear Lokki,

When I read about the things happening back in Sri Lanka I reflect about the greatness that ROYAL COLLEGE imbued on us to be human beings. See, for instance our dear friend Kayyam how we feel deeply for him and pray earnestly in our hearts for his well being and recovery.Kayyam is a Tamil, you a Sinhalese, me, a Muslim, Bawa a Muslim, Hari a Tamil and GRL a Sinhalese but do we, at any point, look at matters in that what we are. Definirely No and we must thank our Great institution Royal for teaching us this noble quality that we do not think on those low communal lines but as all
good friends.

I am presently in Toronto, Hari is in new York, Bawa is in LA, You and GRL are in Sri Lanka and our thoughts cris-crossing the world allong with all our frineds here on this site feeling grievly for Kayyam and praying for his ecovery.

That’s what we "learnt of men" in our good old college song.

I hope and pray that the present Royalists will maintain the same levels of friendship that we did have irrespective of what religion, creed or caste or community.

A little philosophical in our sixties but what good times and harmony we had doesnt the present situ in SL make us weep for the new generation.


PS: on a lighter note: All though you have a halo round your head now I find it difficult to remove from my head some of those bailas you used to sing like, "Once i went to
Derbyshire sat upon a rock, all the girls of derbyshire came to see my ...." and so on and son.

Any remedy to take those whacky bailas of the corner of my mind reverend?

Colin Ghouse

5:20 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki on Date: Monday, February 4, 2008

True, Colin, so true. Maybe one of us who can write well - Bawa , how about you ? - should write an article embodying what you have said in this?


5:20 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Date: Monday, February 4, 2008


Once i went to Derbyshire sat upon a rock all the girls of Derbyshire came to see my ...." and so on and son. Any remedy to take those whacky bailas of the corner of my mind reverend?

Colin, You are asking the very Rev for a remedy, however he cannot or is too embarassed in his position to give you a remedy.

He has referred this to me, so here is my advice.



5:21 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki in Colombo on Wed, 6 Feb 2008:

Again, trust you, Bawa, to pick on the Darbyshire & ignore the first part !!

Yes, I HAVE a remedy. "think on good, correct, righteous things. Unfortunately, those who went to some schools did not have this fantastic experience of a TRUE multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious, wholistic education. Certainly not even the present Royalists (for that matter, Thomians, Trinity, Wesley, SJC, SPC, boys etc) have the priviledge due to the present system.

I remember when Yohan was in school & some of us were on the PTA, the then Principal wanted to have children of one religion in the
same classes so that - "it would be easy to arrange the time table".

If my memory serves me right, it was Ghazi Careem - or was it you, Colin? - who told the P & all present, " I belong to a minority, but I don't want my son growing up with friends from only HIS Community.

I am still friendly with people like Lokki Abhayaratne, a Sinhalese, only because we were in the same class. don't penalize our sons for the whole of their future just because it is easy for your time table.


1:30 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Ghouse in Toronto on Sunday, February 10, 2008:

Lokki this is is a joke I got from Sri Lanka( not for you but to others.)So please dont read merely delete. Its for our other good boys

Hali Ela, (presently Speaker of Parliament).

W J M Lokubandara, who Sinhalized his initials to match whatever names he has, so now he is Wee Ja Moo Lokubandara. He had this program in schools also to doctor
initials. Wee Jay Moo, once had visited a school armed with an overhead projector - OHP... etc., dislodged the lady teacher and asked students their names. The dialogue went thus:

Wee Jay Moo: Oyage nama kiyanna.

Kid: Mama L.B. Ratnayake. Wee Jay

Moo: Putha L. B. kiyanne mokakda.

Kid: Loku Banda. Wee Jay Moo: Meeta passay oya L.B. Ratnayake nemey, oya Lo-Ba Ratnayake.

Wee Jay Moo: Putha, kiyanna oyage sampoorna nama. Kid: Mage nama Pulasthi Kankanamge Kapila Lucas Fernando

Wee Jay Moo: Putha, ada indala oyage nama. PuKa KaLu Fernando.

Another Kid: Sir, mage nama K. N. Abeyratne. K kiyanne "Kumudu", N kiyanne "Nuwan." Kumudu Nuwan Aberatne.

Wee Jay Moo: Bohoma hondai puta, meeta passay oya KuNu Abeyratne.

Another student started crying...

Kid: Sir mage nama Yasitha Kosala Marasinghe. Yaluwo meeta passe mata kiyavi YaKo Marasinghe kiyala.

Likewise, the whole class described their new names on paper and projected them on screen via the OHP.

Suddenly WeeJayMoo remembered the teacher.

Wee Jay Moo: Aahh, guruthmiyage nama ahanna beriwunaaney.

Teacher: Mage nama H. K. M. D. Siriyawathie. Wee Jay Moo: Nehe, ehema nevey, sampoorna nama kiyanna.

Teacher : HUnnasgiriya KAnkamam MUdiyanselage DAmayanthi Siriyawathie.

WeeJayMoo tried out the new contraption on paper first and, to his legal mind, realized in a flash the horror which would have appeared if it was displayed on screen. He ruefully conceded: Guruthumige nama parana vidhiyata thiyamu.


1:31 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Feb 16 2008:

O ! Baddegama, Baddegama , what sons have you brought forth,

The archdeacon and his twin,

Products of Fentons both,

To talk about them would be a mortal sin,

Another, in early retirement with a fat pension,

In his backyard, tends his Gotu kola cultivation,

Scrutinizes his Portfolio each day, puffing his pipe,

Buying and selling his stocks, when the time is ripe,

And "EyeBall" from the house of Vision,

As a schoolboy had one ambition,

To be Sec of the RC union,

Now a garrulous Rotarian.

O! Baddegama, Baddegama, what sons have you brought forth !


2:08 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Senaka Abeywickrama on Feb 16 2008:





2:10 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Feb 16 2008:

Did Baddegama have a Coconut Grove in the 60s, for the Lansi Community? How dod they end up there?

Lloyd can you enlighten us.


2:11 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lloyd Perera in Australia on Feb 16 2008:

I wonder how many generations we have to go back to find a common ancestor?

Baddegama must have been a very crowed place.


Bawa ..

I don't think I will endeavor to enlighten you - considering the best teachers of Royal could not do it.

Not sure if the virile "Baddegama Man" - our original ancestor, met up with some in the Thambi Community - and then you could claim to be a Baddegamaya too?

But for your info it was my grandfather on the paternal side who last lived in Baddegama in the late 1800's.


2:13 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer (Thamby) Rasheed in NY on Feb 16 2008:


Keep the Thambis out of this.

There is a chance that you might be related to the Abhayartnes.

Now I know from where the traits of "Pissucama" (Insanity) has evolved.

According to History I am sure that if there was a Thambi involved he would have taken a local wife.

Oh My God does that mean that some of us could be related to the Abhayaratnes as well?

God Forbid!



2:15 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Fazli Sameer in Riyadh on Feb 16 2008:

I have, in my genealogy records of the WINTER-WHITE-ROSEMALKE COCQ-VAN DER POORTEN families some references to BADDEGANA as follows:-

There is a family legend that George Winter taught the men of Galle the art of tortoise-shell work which he learned in China (they still wore these combs in the 20th century) and that Sarah taught the women how to make lace on pin-boards. George Winter was called a merchant of Newington on the baptismal of his eldest daughter at Tottenham and brought over two Church Missionary Society clergymen Robert Mayor and Benjamin Ward to Ceylon on his ship. Mayor went to Baddegama and Ward to Mannar on 15.12.1817. When visiting Robert Mayor at Christchurch, Baddegama (consecrated by Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta) George Winter noticed that the climate was suitable for sugar planting. He referred to his sugar project in a letter to the Colebrooke Cameron Commission after the Kandyan Rebellion.

George Winter, born:18-Feb-1798, baptised:18-Mar-1798, Holy Trinity, Clapham by John Venn (No.3871, LCC), died:21-Jan-1853 at Galle, Ceylon, buried at All Saints Church, Galle, Ceylon married Sarah Cresse born:1799, died:Jan-7-1891 at Baddegama and buried at Church of England Cemetery, Galle (d/o David Cresse, postman Winchmore Hill, & Anne), married:23-Aug-1821 (by Thomas Durham in the presence of James Bowman, Anne Bowman, A. Cresse)

George Walter Winter, born at Port St. Louis, Mauritius on 24.10.1825 (Baddegama Register. 203 No. 739) and baptised by the Hon. E. Finch. He married at Baddegama on 29.11.1854 (Dr Garstin officiating) Henrietta Isabella Isobel Leighton. He died at Baddegama on 1.4.1875 and was buried in Christchurch Cemetery, Baddegama. George Walter was a writer in the Civil Service, gazetted on 13.3.1845. There are many stories of his youth no doubt greatly exaggerated as for instance that he jumped on the back of crocodile and tried to gouge out its eyes. Another that he followed a rogue elephant many days into the jungle until he shot it, when almost immediately he was surrounded by Veddahs (aborigines) who acclaimed him as a great benefactor for supplying them with a huge mass of fresh meat and invited him to stay several days with them, offering him as many wives as he pleased. On another occasion, he is said to have been sawing some timber on a machine, someone from behind spoke to him, he turned round and the saw cut off two or three of his fingers. He stopped the machine, wrapped his hand with his handkerchief, picked up the severed fingers, took them to Galle and had them put in a bottle of spirits. Ever after he was known as the gentleman with short fingers. He found a wife in Ceylon. For many years Harriet Isobel in Jersey but eventually came to England living at Burton Crescent, Middlesex. She died at the Stalls, Worcester on 29.9.1895 and was buried the cemetery at West Norwood with other members of her family. George Walter and Isobel had four children.

Walter Henry Trinnell Winter, born. 7.12.1855, baptised. 9.4.1856 and died on 24.12.1931. He was educated at Clifton College and at the age of 16 he entered St. Bartholomew's Hospital with a letter of introduction to Sir James Paget. He became a MRCS and LRCP and assistant to the Hospital at Wolverhampton. He settled down to a practice at 9, Compton Road, Wolverhampton and eventually became a most eminent surgeon and physician. married Kate Tudor and lived at "The House that Jack Built". "The original house was probably 18th century with extensions somewhat like a castle added either side. It had a huge library with windows from floor to ceiling, some of which were bricked up to avoid the window tax. The house was said to have a ghost. The gardens to the rear were impressive.” Apart from being a GP Dr Winter was the Medical Officer of Health for Tattenhall, Wolverhampton from about 1900 to about 1931. His daughter, Dorothea, drove her father around in a pony and trap. Dorothea gave health and beauty classes, both in the library and the garden about 1948 to 1955. My typing lady attended the classes. The house has now been demolished." (Glen.A. Harrison, "Roots in England", Woodlands, High Arcal Road, Himley, West Midlands DY3 4DB). He had three children: Adrian born 1888 who went to New Zealand in 1914 and was killed by direct shell fire when serving as a machine gunner on Lone Tree Hill, Dardanelles on 29.4.1915. A brass memorial at Christchurch, Baddegama reads "In memoriam Adrian Winter, New Zealand Expeditionary Forces, son of Dr. W. H. T. Winter and great grandson of the late George Winter of Baddegama". Dr W. H. T. Winter's second son Geoffrey became a doctor but died young. He married Cornelia Cross and they had a son Peter John Winter. he third child was a daughter Dorothea, writer of the letter to Mr Ryland.

William Sextus Winter, born. 1.8.1832, baptised: 2. 8.1832 by the Rev. J. Wenham, died of diphtheria at Baddegama on 12.8.1844 and was buried in the north verandah of Christchurch, Baddegama where there is a stone tablet over his grave with the inscription "Sacred to the memory of William Sextus, 6th child of George & Sarah Winter Died 11th August 1844”

Alfred Octavius Winter, b. 10.6.1836, baptised. 26.9.1836, at Galle. He died at Baddegama on 12.10.1883 and his widow Maria Eveline (nee White) married Harry Street. She born on 18.11.1845 at "Temple Trees" (now the official residence of the Prime Ministers of Ceylon) which was owned by John Walbeoff, a relative of her mother + Maria Eveline White, at Tuticorin on 10.12.1863, witnesses, W. E. Underwood, D. G. Underwood, James Bowman, lived at 'Temple Trees' Colpetty, Colombo 3, the home of her cousin, Charlotte who married John Walbeoff who then owned it.

Alfred William Rosmale-Cocq Winter of Pillagoda Valley, Baddegama, b. 21.11.1864 at Unanvitiya, a small estate belonging to his father on the banks of the Gin Ganga below Mapalagama, d. 1931 married Dorake Vithanagé Johana alias Hinnihamy (common law spouse), b. 1880, d. 1919 at Galle Hospital, in 1897. Allie, as he was affectionately known, became manager of the Gintota Saw Mills belonging to the Udugama Tea and Timber Company (now the Government Plywood Factory). He bought shares of an estate from the rest of the family and planted it up with rubber, later giving it to his brother Daly who was not interested in the place. It was eventually sold to a Mr Soyza. Early in 1902 he bought Pillagoda Valley and went to live there on 5.8.1904. About this time he met Dorake Vithanagé Hinnihamy alias Juana who had worked at the saw mill and lived with her. He built a house on the site of an older one built by his grandfather George Winter and took up residence in the house on 5.8.1915. He eventually had 1,000 acres and also manufactured sugar and distilled rum but lost a considerable fortune in the venture owing to the low prices obtained and the government ban on rum (which was only allowed to be manufactured in the West Indies). He then planted the land with rubber and tea. He visited England, travelling via the Cape of Good Hope in the hope of meeting some of his Afrikaaner friends and going on a lion hunt. He stayed with his brother Rev. Charles Henry Winter at the vicarage, Elsdon, Northumberland and went to a grouse shoot on the moor lands. He returned to Ceylon in 1928 with his wife Shelagh Basile Horner whom he married on 22.12.1931 at the Brompton Oratory, London. He died at Galle on 22.12.1931 and was buried at Christchurch, Baddegama. His widow married Wilfred Eyre who committed suicide at Kandy. She retired to England and lived at Burnt Hill Road, Farnham, Surrey up to the 1960s.

Hilda Dagmar Winter, born at Gintota, Galle on 28.6.1898 married Joseph van der Poorten of Galagedara, at Ganegama Church, Baddegama on 5.2.1920. Joseph born at Greenwood Estate, Galagedara on 27.6.1895, son of Antoine Joseph van der Poorten senior, a Fleming who escaped to Ceylon after being ship-wrecked, in a small boat with one other man from the Belgian Congo and married a Sinhalese lady. Hilda died at Alfred Place, Colpetty (Kolupitiya), Colombo in the late 1960s.

Rex Hermon (son of Violet Dagmar Winter, b. 30.3.1890 at Gintota and Reginald Hermon, planter. Violet died on 14.9.1966 and was buried at Kanatte Cemetery, Colombo.) who studied law and became a barrister but gave this up to become a planter, married Rose Richardson, daughter of James Richardson of Baddegama. He and his family emigrated to Australia.

Norman Dagmar Winter, born. 18.6.1906 at Pillagoda Estate, Baddegama married [1] Nancy Mabel Winter, b. 11.4.1912. Norman was educated at St. Thomas Church Missionary Society College, Mutwal, Colombo, went to the Seale Hayne Agricultural College, Devon and then to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. He became an inspector in the Rubber Control Department during the World War II. He worked as a planter on various commercial company estates and then became superintendent of Pillagoda Valley from 1948-1956 in partnership with his brothers Sydney and Rioty as shareholders. They bought out the shares of their half-brother Alfred Anthony Winter and his mother Shelagh (nee Horner). Norman married his cousin Nancy "Mabel" Winter, daughter of his uncle Edmund Winter of Galagedara on 11.7.1936 at the Methodist Church, Colpetty (Kalupitiya), Colombo.

Norman and his family emigrated to the United Kingdom on April 1959 where he died aged 53 at Kingston-upon-Thames Hospital on 18.11.1964, was cremated on 21.11.1964 and his ashes interred on 13.12.1964 at Christchurch, Baddegama. Mabel died on 16.7.1967 at the Cottage Hospital, East Molesey, Surrey aged 55 years, was cremated and her ashes interred at Christchurch, Baddegama.

Wendy Florence Winter (born at St. George Estate, Galagedara in her grandfather, Edmund’s house on 12.1.1940, but her uncle Joe registered the birth at Greenwood Estate because her father was working for him at the time on one of the van der Poorten estates at Ambanpitiya) + 18.12.1966 [17] Jose García Pichel, of Villar, Silleda, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain, son of Rogelio García García & Concepción Pichel Sampayo of Noguera, Silleda, Pontevedra.

WINTER – Wendy Florence Winter Garcia, (born at St. George Estate, Galagedara, Ceylon, in her grandfather, Edmund Winter’s house on 12-Jan-1940) Passed away at Carta Gena Hospital in Lo Pagan, in the Murcia District, Spain on Saturday, June 4, 2005. Daughter of the late Norman Dagmar Winter, (b:18-Jun-1906 at Pillagoda Estate, Baddegama, Ceylon) & the late Nancy Mabel Winter, (b:11-Apr-1912). Wife of Jose Garcia Pichel of Spain. Beloved mother of Guillermo Garcia Winter (Ireland), Daniel David Garcia Winter (Surrey, UK), and Sara Elena Dorotea Garcia Winter, (Spain) Grandmother of Elena Maria Garcia Winter..May she rest in Peace!

Vernon Hans Winter born.10.11.1963 at the Joseph Fraser Nursing Home, Colombo, baptised at Christchurch, Baddegama 28.7.1964, living in Germany (TV cameraman).

Harold Dagma Winter, died. 15.10.2001, interred at St Sebastian’s Church burial ground, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (obituary published in the Sri Lanka Daily News, Tuesday, 16.10.2001) married Elaine

WINTER­HAROLD DAGMAR. Dearly beloved husband of Elaine, darling daddy of Alfred, Erin, Dennis, Trevor, Sandra & Cheryl, father-in-law of Patricia & Wijaya, darling seeya-daddy of Harshini, Niroshini & Dhanuka, son of the late A. W. Winter of Pillagoda Valley Estate, Baddegama, brother of Irene, Roxana & Lionel. Cortege leaves residence 6/1, 1st Lane, Uswatte, Moratuwa for St Sebastian’s Church burial ground at 4.00 p.m. on 16.10.2001 [Note: "seeya-daddy" is a local anglicised colloquialism for grandpa, seeya = grandpa in Sinhalese]

Sarah Cresse Winter, born at Baddegama on 22.5.1874 and when aged 22 went to join her brother George in Florida. She married C. N. Chesshyre who had been a pupil at Fruitlands Park, later becoming a solicitor. She met with an accident, being struck by lightning while sitting near the fireplace during a heavy storm. It struck the gable of the house next door and the charge travelled along the telephone wires, striking her on the right side, practically paralysing her right hand. She moved to Leesburg where her husband died on 16-May-1925. Sarah died on 1-Jun-1962 aged 88, Married C. N. Chesshyre, on 21.11.1896, at the Church of St. John the Baptist, Montclair, Lake County, Florida, USA, Rev. J. H. Davet officiating. The marriage recorded in Marriage Record Book Page 400 at James (?), Lake, Co, Florida USA.

William Sextus Daly Winter, born at Sunnyside, Baddegama on 25.2.1878, died Perth, Australia in 1951 married Annie Florence Gertrude Elizabeth Gray, b. 21.3.1890, d. ec-1979. He took up planting in Ceylon and farming in Australia. He had 11 legitimate children, all born in Ceylon except Robert who born on the ship "Maloja" en route to Australia where they arrived on 21.12.1926.

Edmund Winter of St. George Estate, Galagedara, born. 2.4.1879 at “Sunnyside”, Baddegama, bapt. 20.5.1879, d. 8.5.1962, buried at St. George’s Estate, Galagedara + Dassanayake Mudiyaniselagé Pahalagedara Kiri Menike, born. 17.7.1884 at Minigomuwa, Udapalata East, Tumpana (d/o Dassanayake Mudiyanselagé Pahalagedara Ranhamy & Dassanayake Mudiyanselagé Pahalagedara Tikiri Menika), died. 25.5.1968 and buried at Kandy. Edmund was educated a St. Thomas CMS College, Colombo and Trinity CMS College, Kandy. He started planting as a "creeper" (planting apprentice) on Baddegama Estate with his uncle Edward Deslandes Bowman in 1898, leaving to take up a billet as an assistant on Coodogalla Estate, Kadugannawa under Mr Stanley Hill. After a period of 8 months he was transferred to Isabella Estate, Galagedara but left owing to a very bad attack of malaria. He returned to Baddegama Estate and took up a post as a tea maker but after a few months he left and went to Alluta Estate, belonging to Messes J. J. van der Spaar & Co. Due to a depression in the tea market, he left after two years, the estate being abandoned in 1901. With his savings he started a small dairy in Kandy with one cow, walking barefoot to sell milk to his neighbour - this venture was not successful and he returned to planting on Betworth Estate (the former Isabella Estate) which was under the management of Mr S. Hillman. After some time this estate changed hands and on leaving he found employment with Mr Hamilton Harding of Preston Estate, Dickoya.. Returning in June 1905 to Alluta Estate, he opened up 400 acres in rubber for Messrs Gordon Frazer & Co. During these seven years of service, he saved sufficient money to purchase 42 acres of government land which was eventually opened up in rubber, he later acquired a further 60 acres from the villagers, which he also planted with rubber. He called the property Uduwakande Estate. When the rubber came into bearing (which normally takes 5-6 years), another 30 acres was purchased, extending the estate to 135 acres, 35 acres of which were planted with coconut and the rest with rubber. The whole estate was named St. George. In time when profits from these estates were good, he built a bungalow at St. George and when it was finished, he left Alluta Estate to reside there. A further 58 acres in the North Central Province was purchased, planted with coconut and named Gurugoda Estate. Later 300 acres was bought in the Kegalle District in and planted with rubber and cocoa called Labugolla Estate. A final addition of 58 acres called Majuba Estate in the Galagedara District was made, this being planted with rubber and later a portion in cocoa. All these properties amounting to 758 acres approximately were formed into a limited company in 1952 known as the Winter Estates Company, the directors being various members of the family. On parts of the estate he had as many as 4 different crops growing at the same time, tea, rubber, coconut and pepper vines and vanilla growing up the palm trunks, cocoa and even an occasional coffee bush. Extract from the Memorandum of Association of the Winter Estates Company Limited. After suffering for several years from stomach cancer, Edmund died in the early 1960s and was buried in his orchard at St. George, Galagedara.

Phyllis Winter, b. 19.1.1929 + Reginald Roberts, in September1951 (s/o John & Grace Roberts of Lelwela Estate, Baddegama).

Harriett Decima Winter, born. 12.1838 at Gindura and married at Baddegama, William Elphinstone Underwood, on 23.4.1863. She died at the Queen's Jubilee Hospital, Richmond Road, Earl's Court on 4.8.1906 after being knocked down by a horse-drawn bus. Mr Underwood was in the Civil Service, Madras, Presidency of India and magistrate and Revenue Officer of the whole of Wynaad at the time of his death at St. Thomas's Hospital, London on 1.8.1893.

Henry Frank Winter born at Baddegama on 7.12.1841 and baptised by the Rev. H. Powell on 17.1.1842. He died on 10.4.1891 of bronchitis and influenza and was buried at Grouville, Jersey. He had joined the Indian Forestry Department and had very severe sunstroke. He was dependent on his mother and lived in lodgings in Jersey. He was a tall, very thin man who spent his days writing page after of pages criss-cross fashions - no one knows what he wrote about.

Charles Deslandes Church Winter, born at Baddegama on 11.33.1845. On 28.7.1874 he married at St. Lukes, Church, Torquay, Alice Jane Lee, the service being performed by Rev. Alfred Lee. The witnesses were Sarah his mother, John T. Lee, G. M. Currie, Carolie and Margaret Lee. He entered the Bengal Civil Service and was stationed at Pudna, India in 1880 and the next year whilst visiting a sick syce1, contracted cholera and died on 8.4.1881. He was buried at Monghyr, India.3 Percy Gibson Deslandes Winter of South Sea Hampshire.

James Winter of Australia, formerly of Pillagoda Valley, Baddegama believed to have gone to New Guinea, baptised. 1.10.1815 at Camberwell Mansion House Independent Chapel.

William Cornelius Winter baptised. 3.12.18?? at Camberwell Mansion House Independent Chapel. William Cornelius Winter, gentleman of Montpelier Street, son of James Winter, deceased, + Ellen Sarah Belville, daughter of John Henry Belville of Montpelier Street on 21.8.1845. William was named as godfather by proxy on the baptismal certificate (No. 2610) (2620?) of his nephew Alfred Octavius Winter at Christchurch, Baddegama, Ceylon. He was witness at the wedding of his sister Lydia Winter to Thomas Davies. He may have lived at St. Helen's Villa, Bowes Road, Southgate, London and married secondly Mary Anne Clark (Land Registry No. 5449 dated 27.5.1880 regarding the lease of No. 2, Bernard Villas, Central Hill, Upper Norwood). Sarah Winter nee Cresse, wife of George Winter lived at 2, Merton Villas, Central Hill, Norwood from 1884-1889. William went to Bombay.

Closenberg Hotel at Galle was very dear to us when we played on the beach as kids. It was destroyed and oil storage tanks placed on th the loveliest and safest beach in the south and such an act of eco vandalism was committed when it was closed. Closenberg was originally a Dutch fortification. It was bought by an English merchant Marine who was with the East India Company and his Arms lie over the door or so it is thought. They show the suns rays. However, they maybe that of the EIC itself. I wonder whether the merchant knew my ancestor who took the first Anglican missionaries in his ship to Baddegama nearby where the first Anglican church was built. He was the Sugar pioneer, George Winter, a merchant marine also with the EIC who was part owner of the ship 'Vittoria'. He founded and edited the first independant newspaper in Ceylon, now alas taken over by the State as were his former plantations which belonged to us. I often played on the ramparts of the Fort and sipped lime juice at the NOH. Nearby is the Dutch church where George's memorial is. I attended the Galle Convent. My ancestor first reached Ceylon in the 1800's and my Dutch and German ancestors before that. I wanted to establish an environmental charity at our former home near Hikkaduwa but the local M.P is in charge and hands out land like a Rajah for votes. Due to my ancestor, many local families made good and prospered as did the area. He provided the local ships which called at Galle with sugar and distilled Citronella oil from lemon grass, a variety is named after my own grandfather who sent it to Kew where it is preserved.

Our lovely, peaceful island has been ruined. Hikkaduwa, completely spoilt. I am afraid that Tourism destroys much as well as corrupt politicians. There is no justice in Lanka anymore and it saddens me when I return to our once lovely Closenberg as I did in 1994/5 and I am sorry you will never know just how wonderful the area was. Koggala was also lovely and one could swim safely and observe the coral as we did at Hikkaduwa. I wonder if you have visited any of these places? If I find the brochure I got from the Hotel I will send you a copy.

Wendy Winter Garcia (late) & Anne Winter Williams

See following links:-


2:38 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Siddiq (Colin) Ghouse in Toronto on Feb 16 2008:

Bawa have you read Lorna Devaraj's book "Muslims of Sri Lanka".

In one chapter she says the Singhalese and Muslims lived in close harmony especially in the upcountry during the long past.

Their relationship was so cordial that when the Sinhala man wished to go to Colombo for business (good old days it took months) he would asked the Thambi (Muslim) man to look after his wife and kids, and so he asks the wife to move over to the Thambi's house till he returns form the businees trip.

Interesting isnt it?,


12:07 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer (Thambi) Rasheed in NY on Feb 17 2008:


I am one of those upcountry Muslims and I do know that my father's ancestors were given a "Wasagama" even though my father and his brother did not use it.

I am told that my ancestors were physicians to the Kandyan Kings, therefore the Wasagama.

There deffinitley was much trust in the good old days and also down to when we were growing up.

Unfortunately, with the Sinhala Only cry by Banda, all that went away.

Today's interview in The Leader with Chandrika also confirms even her objection to what her father did.

We as a group do enjoy a pleasant banter but the undertone among the vast majority in the country is not the same. We as a group do not look upon the ethnic angle but are more than pleased to communicate with each other in the same manner when we were school boys. However, unfortunately there is a very large group of all ethnic communities who all think differently as they were and did not have the same camraderie that we had.

This is the bane of the country and I do not think it can be changed and will only get worse. Some very dear Sinhalese friends who have stayed with me recently are totally convinced that majority rules.

They did not think on those lines in the past.

Lokki - Now that you know that I am from the hills, you also know that in no way that my ancestors could be related to a Southerner even though I have a Southern Buddhist as my BIL and to add insult to injury he is also a Royalist.

That is what keeps us going my friend.

I do note that Fenton "Baas" is very quiet and is allowing the Reverend to do the needful (even though retired). It will be nice to hear from my good friend.

Have a great Weekend guys.


12:10 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki in Colombo on Feb 17 2008:

Now , this is getting very interesting !!

1st Lloydy & family from Baddegama since the 1880's? I thought it might have something to do with Rexie being in Nakiyadeniya & not his g-father!!

2ndly, Hambayas in B'gama? never! no one from there would allow any relative of Bawa & Nazeer to get married to a girl there!

No way we can be related , thank God.

By the way The Weerasinghe Abhayaratnes (meaning brave lion + precious jewel) are from Homagama: it's the Adhihettys - meaning old trader, mudalali - (mater's side) who are from B'gama.

Re the Pissukama, there are no Pissankotuwa's in the village!! may have come from Galle connections of the 2 thambis.

I just happened to get into the RC blogspot (thanks to Bawa) & read the stories about Kadalay by Hapu . Took me down memory lane.

Has anyone written about Harry Aiya?

Needless to say, he did not hold a candle to Kadalay.

I remember when he first started out, he was just by the college gate, on a contraption built across the storm drain.

I placed my first & only 'all-on' chit there!! Hector - a.k.a. Kotta, a.k.a. J.K. F'do was my partner in
crime. He told me which horse to bet on (he was, by then, a regular with Harry Aiyya) & I won Rs. 14/- !!!!!!

Then, when he built his Kadey near RPS, Tissa & I used to go for a quick T & Ciggie during the 10 min. interval!! coming down from the 2nd floor (must have been Kataya's class), we used to beg & collect enough for one T & a fag, by the time we hit the lobby!!

there was a small 'peep-hole' in his 'bedroom' adjoining the Kadey section & one of us had to keep an eye in case the college cops came while we were there.

Can you see how this innocent boy was taught to gamble & smoke & corrupted by so called friends? sin, men!!!


12:15 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Upendra Wickremasinghe on Feb 17 2008:

Is there someway to research the Wickremasinghe’s of Paiyagala?

I am curious, my father was known as Sudda in the village and the local Lansi Palliya School was thought to be the oldest “western” school in the country.

See I could be the long lost cousin of Rosmale Cocq (sp?), Seabal etc,.

And I have an ongoing relationship / fascination with Brazil, about to start on a new project.

I could even be related to Obama, but due to claimed Cheney relationship, I’ll have to deny it.

Don’t forget mixing genes is good!


12:18 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Feb 17 2008:

Yes indeed it is getting even more interesting.

So, Homagama was known as Homagama because of the activities between the brave lion and the precious jewel. Thus Hom - a - gama ( a village of homs.

Now according to the dictionary:

Precious Jewel...
a. valuable...worth a great deal of money.

b. valued.. highly valued, much loved or considered to be of great importance.

your friendship is very important to me.

c.Not to be wasted. .... rare or unique, therfore to be used wisely or sparingly or treated with care.
So the BRAVE LION was using the Precious jewel wisely and sparingly, and was much loved.

Go ahead Rev...your turn! at this moment we'll stick to Homagama, before we go to Upe's hometown... PAIYAGALA.


12:38 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

There are three Wickremasinghe family trees uploaded on the SL Genealogy Website at:-

They are as follows:-


In addition there are several WICKREMASINGHE's linked to other Sinhala and Burgher Families on the website.

One needs to start researching a tree beginning from himself/herself and working upwards with the assistance of data collected from family elders and recorded documents that may be available.


12:42 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Ranjith Perera on Feb 17 2008:

My dear Bawa,

My congrats for your poetic prowess & the great lyrics on the subject of "Baddegamayas".

The former Archdemon & His Holiness Lokki Abey has now retired & disrobed & currently paying "Penance" for his misdeeds & sins.

I have been checking my roots & found to my amazement that I am a "Thambi" by virtue of my Waasagama which starts with "Mahamarakkala".

At a Royal Thomian many years ago in the Mustangs, I declared my lineage & informed everybody that I am a close relative of our collegue Maharoof Mohideen alias "Mohiya".

He totally disclaimed his relationship with me declaring that he is a Kandyian Muslim. To our amazement Mohiya drove all the way to the Galle Kachcheri & scanned through the "Thombus" & though not accepting this fact, opted to remain silent.

That's all for the present on the subject of lineage.

Ranjith P

4:45 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

Bawa wrote from LA on Feb 18, 2008:


To be a Thambi, there has to be an end correction.

Now we all know, without a doubt, that yours is Gevila and not Kapala.

So there is one alternative, to cut the rest off.


10:19 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer (Thambi) Rasheed in NY on Feb 18 2008:


I think Kaiyyum's email address is a joint operation. ie: Saro and Sri. I would suggest that any emails that a lady should not be reading not be copied to his address until I verify from him and revert. I have deleted him in this message.

In the meanwhile I will more than welcome "Mahamarakkala" to the fold even if he is Gevila and not Kapila. After all being Gevila to the extent of being Kapila is in itself an achievement.



10:21 AM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Fazli Sameer in Riyadh on February 18 2008:

Just received a copy of Bradman Weerakoon's "Rendering unto Caesar", as a 60th year bday gift from a friend, and am engrossed in its content. An interesting reference to Paiyagala forces me to quote it here for the benefit of those interested in the place. Bawa please note.

My Wedding

Two highly personal life defining events occured in 1956. One, was my marriage in August to Damayanthi and the other, the death of my father in late September.

Damayanthi Gunasekera was the third daughter of a friend of my father's, who joined the Colonial Police at about the same time as Station House Officers. Theyboth served for 35 years before retiring as Superintendent in charge of Districts. But more than that, Damayanthi's motherf was a Weerakoon from the same village as my father -- Paiyaga in the Kalutara District -- and a second or third cousin as well. Damayanthi's mother, who wed at the age of 14 was said to be a beauty, and it was rumored in family circles that my father, as a young Police Officer, was seriously interested in her. Be that as it may my parents were really pleased when the proposal from the Gunasekera side came along.

We were married on the 10th of August 1956 at the Galle Face Hotel and as decided by the two of us, Sir John, my former boss who we knew quite well by then and Sir Oliver Goonetilleke, the Governo General, who had been at school together with our two fathers at Wesley College, and the Prime Minister and his wife, were to be the Chief Guests. Our mariahe had been registered earlier and witnesses had been my father and Damayanthi's maternal uncle.

The Prime Minister was busy that afternoon with the budget debate in Parliament, but his wife, Sirimavo Bandaranaike came and stayed for a long while.



3:27 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Ranjith Perera on Feb 18 2008:

Dear Nazeer,

Reading your mail re. "Baddegamayas" I was thrilled to see your note re. "Mahamarakkalayas".

For the purpose of record & for information of all & sundry, my long harrang of the Waasagama together with the name goes as "Mahamarakkala Kurukulasuriya Patabendige Micheal Gamini Ranjith Laksiri Perera".

My beloved paternal Granny's Waasagama is "Podimarakkala" whilst my dearly beloved wife's goes as "Maannamarakkala". I have checked all the relevant past documents including the "Thombus" & found that "Marakkalam" refers to a ship & the Captain of the ship is refferred to as "Mahamarakkala". "Podimarakkala" is the Captain's aide whilst "Maannamarakkala" stands for the "Deck Hand" of the ship. There is a multitude of the said "Marakkalas" related to the shipping industry during the pre- Portugese Kotte period.

These Waasagamas are limited only to the Karawe community, of which I belong to.I only hope that there will be no reservations in my friends classifying me as caste conscious.This is penned with no malice or any other factors.

Bye for now.


12:43 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Bawa in LA on Feb 19 2008:

Based on the contribution by Colin Ghouse nana,have you read Lorna Devaraj's book 'Muslims of Sri Lanka".

In one chapter she says the Singhalese and Muslims lived in close harmony especially in the upcountry during the long past.

Their relationship was so cordial that when the Sinhala man wished to go to Colombo for business(good old days it took months) he would asked the Thambi (Muslim) man to look after his wife and kids, and so he asks the wife to move over to the Thambi's house till he returns form the businees trip.

Interesting isnt it?,

A lot of research has been done, leading to the following conclusions.

1. Fact ....Thambis are " non solum sed etiam" not only very hospitable but also Kukulas.

It is concluded that somewhere up the line, Giro's ancestor had gone on a shopping expedition to Colombo, and the wife was moved over to the Thambi's house (my ancestor).

After a few days of hospitality on a full moon day, a "linda langa ho, sanda eliye," incident occurred. Thus bringing forth a new generation of Mahamarakkala Perera's.


12:45 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Upendra Wickremasinghe on Feb 19 2008:

Fazli, greatly appreciate the input, understand that Bradman’s family were neighbors in P’gala.

Since, I left in ’65,lost a lot of the connections.


12:48 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Ranjith Perera on Feb 19 2008:

Dear Fazli,

Your mail re: Paiyagala, indeed was intersting to read.

You have come into our exclusive E.mail domain from the blues, so can tell us more about yourself in the first place.

If as you state you married in 1956, the year I & most of us joined Royal, & assuming you were 25 years, this being 2008, then you should surely be a cool 77 years now & 3 years hence you will be a previlaged "Octogenerian". Keep on batting 'ole Fazli & in case you are interested, dozens of maestros in our group including myself, can send you some dazzling visuals of Dolly Birds.

Please do reply clearly declaring your intentions etc.

By a copy of this mail I am requesting Nazeer Rashid whether you are known to him.

Bye for now.


Ranjith Perera

12:49 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer Rasheed (Thamby) in NY on Feb 19 2008:

Ado Ranjith,

Fazli is quoting from a book written by Bradman Weerakoon.

It is Bradman who got married in 1956 and not Fazli.

In 1956 Fazli would have been in Form 5 at Royal (If I am not mistaken).

Fazli is known to me and is marrried to a relative of mine.

Now I get the meaning of Disce Aut Discede.

He also knows most of the maestros that you mention.


12:51 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Senaka Abeywickrema on Feb 19 2008:








12:52 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Siddiq 'Colin' Ghouse in Toronto on Feb 19 2008:

Ado Giro,

Fazli is my first cousin and he was three years younger to us in Collge.

His pater (my maternal uncle) was an old Royalist and was a contemporary of J.P.Obeysekera and Pieter Keuneman and he was also a prefect of College and his picture is there hanging at College.

So you know where my intellect and Fazlis comes? It's all in the genes.

As for the caste you refer Giro in Lorna Devaraj's book she also refers to an Arab Captain Ibrahim who had undertaken a mission for the Sinhala King where he went an kidnapped about 5 weavers from a village in INDIA and brought them over.

They were forced by the Sinhala King at that time to show how the weaving was done and they had to settle down in Ceylon and there descendants are the members of the Karawe caste.

The Arab was well rewarded for his effort by the Sinhala King.

All this is there in Lorna Devaraja;s book and she is a renowned historian and the contents are interesting.


12:54 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Upendra Wickremasinghe on Feb 19 2008:

Having spent a little time in Yemen that I believe to be the origin of the (pre European) global traders
I was wondering if there are identifiable links between SL and Yemen?

Yemenis are much more interesting people compared to present day Saudis.


12:56 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer (Thamby) Rasheed in NY on Feb 19 2008:


One definte link is the sarong. All of them wear sarongs like us but in a different way. They fold it in two and allow a portion to overlap over the waist.

The other is the possibilty that you might be related to Osama as per your previous email. They also chew something called Katt similar to us chewing betel.

I am sure that Bawa and I concur re the saudis but our good friend Fazli has been there so long that I am sure he is close to Sheikdom.

Trust you guys are keeping well. Are you planning a visit to the East Coast anytime in the near future,


12:59 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Upendra Wickremasinghe on Feb 19 2008:

I find it ridiculous that a major contributor to global travel, trading etc is left out of the history books and more importantly the records.

Since, Iraq has destroyed another aspect of history and trade etc has been entirely lost –to all. Come on it has to go well beyond the Sarong.

Recently, I went to a presentation by Bush think yank guys. He said that Portuguese (1490) commenced sailing, the world trade was 80% Asian and 20% West (total) all global trade was facilitated by few orgs in the M/E. Given “natural events” situation could revert back to this 80/20.

Then use your imagination….,, and those fn rockets?


1:00 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Nazeer (Thamby) Rasheed in NY on Feb 19 2008:


My reply was tongue in cheek. You are getting too serious buddy. I am sure that Fazli might be able to find some historical facts about the Yemenis and SL.


1:01 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Upendra on Feb 20 2008:

Little tired of the British version…….and think thru “natural events” stated in mine. I do have several Yemeni Sarongs, that my neighbor much admire. FYI my neighbor also works on her flower beds wearing a bikini.


6:27 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki on Feb 20 2008:


I DO hope , that for the safety of the world , YOU don't wear a bikini while doing your flower beds!!


6:29 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Fazli in Riyadh on Feb 19 1008:

More sensational memories from Bradman Weerakoons book, "Rendering unto Caesar", pp108-112, that will certainly kindle the minds of many of those on this list:-


The January 1962 Abortive Coup d'etat

This was the background in which the coup d'etat by military and police high-ups was planned to take place on the night of 27th January 1962a Saturday. I believe this date was chosen since the prime minister (Mrs B) was scheduled to be at Kataragama for a pirith ceremony that evening.

According to the programme prepared by her aide D P Amerasinghe, Sirimavo was to leave Colombo on Friday, attend the puja on Saturday night and then return to Colombo on Sunday. This decision was made ten days before the date of the planned coup.

However, on seeing the programme for Kataragama, I recalled that about a month earlier the prime minister had received a letter from the Chief Incumbent of the Getambe Temple (peradeniya) inviting her to a ceremony there on he same night. Sirimavo had asked me to write to the priest saying that she was unable to accept the invitation as some urgent work compelled her to remain in Colombo that evening. as soon as I realized that the dates were clashing I quickly pointed out to the prime minister that it would not be proper for her to go to Kataragama on the night of the 27th January particularly since she had informed the Getambe Temple priest that she was forced to remain in Colombo some urgent duty. I told her that when the priest read in the newspapers that she was at Kataragama on the 27th night it would create a bad impression in his kind about her credibility. Mrs Bandaranaike appreciated my point and asked Amerasinghe to cancel the Kataragama trip. The coup leaders had planned their strategy assuming that `Sirimavo would be at Kataragama that night. If Sirimavo had, in fact gone to Kataragama the coup maywell have succeeded.

Planning for the take over of the Government had gone on for quite some time by a very few at the top. Security precautions based on the principle of those who 'need to know' had been strictly observed. The detailed plans were revealed to most of those involved only less than 48 hours from 'H' hour.

Colonel Maurice De Mel abd Colonel F C De Saram were in charge of army arrangements for the coup, while Sydney De Zoysa and C C Dissanayake were in charge of police arrangements. Royce De Mel former Captain of the Navy, was also associated in the detailed planning of the coup, and it seems that the coordination or army and police operations was undertaken by Sydney De Zoysa, a retired DIG of Police.

F C (Derrick) De Saram, was a key figure and wanted to 'take the rap' as he put it for the attempted coup. On hearing that something was seriously amiss that Sunday morning, I reported to Sirimavo and Felix who were already at work at Temple Trees. F C De Saram, smartly turned out in his Colonel's uniform - he was in the volunteer corps - and as usual, cheerful and confident, was at the front porch around 9:00 am. On my inquiring what was up since I was quite unaware of the nights happenings, grinning broadly he replied breezily that there was some small matter which had come up on which he was wanted and went upstairs to where Felix had set up an investigating unit. I did not see him again until he was released from prison four years later.

Derrick was connected to the Bandaranaike family through marriage to an Obeyesekere. He was a highly talented and popular figure with many sides to his character. I knew him well and admired him for his sportsmanship and his outstanding leadership for the Sinhalese Sports Club and his captaincy of All Ceylon at cricket. I did not realize that he had political sensitivities of any kind, until one evening after 'nets' at the SSC, he engaged me in a long conversation about his Oxford days and the part he had played in the agitation for Indian Independence in the Indian Majlis - a vibrant agitational group at the time, in England. The conversation turned soon to the Sirimavo Government's socialts programmes and the disastrous effects it was having on the country. I felt he was trying to draw me out, and therefore, was cautious in my response.

As more and more military officers, many of them my acquaintances on the sports field, came in, the magnitude and widespread nature of the attempted coup came into focus. All of the miniusters of the government, the permanent secretay for defence and external affairs, the inspector general of police, the deputy inspector general in charge of the criminal investigation department, and some leftist leaders were among the persons to be arrested at some time after midnight on the 27th. The acting Captain of the Navy, Rajan Kadirgamar, was also marked for arrest, while the other service commanders were to be restrained, and prevented from leaving their houses that night after a certain hour.

The persons arrested in Colombo were to be taken to army headquarters and imprisoned in the Ammunition Magazine, which is a reinforced concrete structure, partially underground. Those arrested outside Colombo were to be taken to the Police Headquarters of that area pending further instructions.

Soon after midnight, police cars equipped with radio and loud hailers were to be sent out to announce an immediate curfew on the city of Colombo.

As more and more details were revealed with the younger officers making long confessions, hoping that this would earn them a pardon, Felix tightened security and threw a cordon around Temple Trees. That evening I saw Rajan Kadirgamar dressed imn blue battledress, toting a sub-machine gun and prowling up and down the front corridor. As `he put it he was out there because no one knew, as of then, who was in and who was not and whether the coup was still on. The atmosphere was very very tense.

Felix was in his element getting all the facts of the case and breaking dwn the evidence of those who tried to downplay what the plotters were doing on the Saturday night. They, the plotters, were trying to make out that all they intended to do was a full dress rehearsal, to deal with an imminent breakdown of law and order that, they, the military top brass wished to avert in the national interest. A feature of this investigation was the work of the DIG, CID, S A Dissanaike, the twin brother of C C Dissanaike, one of the chief suspects. The brothers had joined the forces together as assistant superintendents, had been excellent policemen throughout and were competetive rivals. Blood was certainly not going to stand in the way of duty and Jingle (SA) was assiduous in unearthing fresh evidence against Jungle (CC), his own brother. This duty consciousness, in which duty transcended blood relationship, was perhaps part of a Colonial inheritance, which is unheard of today.

Based on the facts revealed during the investigation, which were being conveyed to her every day, the prime minister was quick to act. Speedy changes were made in certain key positions in the armed forces and police. The attorney general was consulted regarding the possibility of new laws to prosecute the plotters since existing legislation and procedures might be insufficient to deal with the case, and since there had been several references in the statements to the possible involvement of the Governor-General, Oliver Goonetilleke, action to neutralize and remove him from office had to be effected as soon as possible.

Finally, the Cabinet decided to formulate new legislation to proceed with the case against 29 suspects. But this itself contained the seeds of failure. After conviction by the courts in Ceylon, the privy council to which the case was appealed proceeded to rule in favor of the accused now in remand on the grounds that the legislation was ultra vires the Constitution. The defence had successfully pleaded the ground of the retroactive nature of the law and the privy council, the final court of appeal at the time had held with the apellants. The privy council judgement was delivered after the UNP had come back in 1965 and the government was not inclined to go any further. Whereupon those who had now spent around 4 years in detention and remand prison returned home and continued albeit at a lower profile to puyrsue their normal vocations, both on the sports field and in civil society.

As for the other line of action against the Governor General, this required two sets of measures. Firstly, informing the Queen, since the governor general was her appointee although the prime miniuster made the recommendation in the first instance. Secondly, to find a suitable alternative in case the Queen was prepared to drop Sir Oliver. There was, fortunately for Sirimavo, an appropriate candidate in William Gopallawa, then Ambassador in Washington. In Bandaranaikes time, Gopallawa, who had been municipal commissioner of Kandy had been brought to Colombo as commissioner. Later he had been appointed Ambassador to Washington. There had been some comment on the gossip colums of the weeklies that these appointments smacked of a family bandyism since Gopallawa as the father-in-law of Mackie Ratwatte, Sirimavo's brother. However, Bandaranaike had shrugged this off as Gopallawa had proved himself an efficient and clean municipal commissioner and a cautious abd loyal ambassador, and although not holding a particularly distinguished public service record, was fully eligible for the highest position in the political hierarchy.

On 18 February, 1962, Felix Dias Bandaranaike made a statement in the House of Representatives and said during the investigations of the attempted coup, the name of Sir Oliver Goonetilleke too had been mentioned. Sir Oliver indicated that he had no objection to being questioned like any other citizen. However, nobody had the power to question the duly appointed representative of the Queen without obtaining her permission.


6:35 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Lokki on Feb 20 2008:

Dear ALL,

Please note that Bradman ( if he is quoted correctly) has made a mistake.

C.C. - Jungle & S.A. - Jingle Dissanayake were NOT TWINS ; they were brothers.

Apart from the fact that the Dissanayka's & Abhayaratne's were family friends , attended the same church in Nugegoda & went to school in the same buggie cart ( the boys to RC & the girls to Metho), the 2nd generation (TDSA - Jungle's son & Lucky - Jingle's son) knew each other AND the 3rd generation too;

our son Yohan & Lucky's eldest son Sinha were classmates & good friends in school.

I have just finished reading another account of the coup in the book" without fear or favour" by Freddy Jilla - a retired Suptd. of Police.


6:40 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Siddiq Ghouse on Jan 20 2008:

Imagining Upe as he was? Oh what a sight. And in a bikini with the hanging gardens of Babylon... oh its worse.


6:42 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Colin Siddiq Ghouse in Toronto on Feb 20 2008:

They were not twins as we all know but they were at loggerheads after the coup.

I remember that one of their sons TDSA was teaching us for a short period and he was friendly with his cousin late Lucky (junior 1 year to us) even though the fathers didnt see eye to eye.

There is a former CID officer Dennis Ebert now domiciled in Australia who comes to Sri Lanka to escape the Aussie winter and stays in an annexe opposite my house in Sri lanka. He told me a story how he had the non-envious task of having to arrest his superior officer who was also involved in the coup (cant remember the name).

He went upto his house saluted this officer and politely told him he has come to arrest him.The officer also maintained his cool gave him a cup of tea and asked him to sit down till he packed his bags.

Deniss said it was a very terrible situ since he knew the family well and has been to the house many times.

Denis's instructions was to handcuff the guy and bring him to the station, and this was too much for Denis and contrary to this command he didnt do that he said but allowed the guy to walk to the waiting police car.

The officer's wife knew of the coup only at the last moment when he said his goodbyes and also the family and what a scene it was and poor Denis in the midst of it.

The officer walked calmly minus the cuffs and got into the car and was driven to the cop station and then locked up.


6:51 PM  
Blogger Fazli Sameer said...

From Fazli in Riyadh on Jan 20 2008:

Bradman's book specific`ally states "twins". maybe he was mistaken since the boys both joined the police force at the same time?

Thanks for the update. I must try and get Jilla's book and read it too. Planning to read Obama's book on "Hope" after I finish Bradmans.


6:53 PM  

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