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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vale Lakshmanan "Lucky" Thalayasingham

From: Eardley
Date: Apr 24, 2007 11:50 AM
Subject: Vale Lakshmanan "Lucky" Thalayasingham

Dear Royalists and Thomians,

I have some very sad news to pass on to you. Lucky passed away a couple of hours ago, due to complications associated with a diabetic condition. His liver and kidneys were also causing him grief. Sahadevan informed me of Lucky's passing a little while ago.

Most of us knew that Lucky had neglected his health for a long time. We were also aware that his health had deteriorated in recent times. Yet, his passing comes as a shock to me.

Lucky is the second Royal cricket captain of the sixties to pass away. S.S. Kumar was the first. We also lost Sugi Rajaratnam recently. Our heroes are leaving us in droves.

Lucky captained Royal in 1966. But I revered him for his heroic ninth wicket stand with Wadu to save the 1965 Royal-Thomian. Lucky personified speed and hostility. I was in awe just watching him run in to bowl. I was terrified facing up to him in house cricket.

Lucky was a member of a very gallant band of Royal cricketers who had the unenviable task of keeping the powerful STC sides of the early sixties at bay. Lucky gave his all, with bat and ball, and played a vital role in preserving Royal's morale.

Lucky was also a member of the great Bradby house teams of the fifties, and played alongside H.N. de Silva. I remember him walking in to bat for Bradby, looking so tall, composed and majestic.
Lucky was a very unassuming and a thoroughly decent bloke. Although senior to me he never patronised me. He was always very friendly and welcoming to me whenever I attended the Thalayasingham household.

However, I have to be honest. Lucky represented a wasted life. He was such a healthy, muscular, and sinewy figure, with an enviable athleticism, at school. Its hard to believe that someone who excelled in every sport he took to, without needing to try, has died a premature death. With his passing a bit of the sixties dies for me.

Please disseminate the news to all those who knew Lucky.




Blogger Mr. Evil said...

Deepest sympathies. May his next life be blessed to have friends as he's always had.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Former Peterite captain

" deepest sympathies to the Thalayasingham family.
To see Lucky running up to bowl used to give me and my batsmen "goose pimples"- a great cricketer meets with with untimely demise.Meek as a lamb at the toss, but a terror with red cherry in hand ready to hurl...........

9:13 AM  

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