Royal People

A dedication to those wonderful people who served Royal Primary School & Royal College, in Sri Lanka, since 1835, and, who will be remembered for their committment, sincerety and unselfishness.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bogoda Premaratne is laid to rest


It is with a deep sense of regret that I inform you of the demise of Mr Bogoda Premaratne, former Principal of Royal College. His remains will lie at his residence, 31, Jayasinghe Road, Colombo 06 tillSaturday, 28th of December. The Cortege will leave residence at 12:30 pm on Saturday to Royal College (College Hall from 1pm to 3 pm) and thereafter for cremation at the Kirulapone Cemetery at4:00 pm

Members are requested to gather in College tie at the College hall at 1:00 pm and thereafter at the Kirulapone Cemetery at 4.00 pm on 28th of December 2013 to pay their last respects to this distinguished Gentleman

Chandana L Aluthgama


Sunday, December 01, 2013

RITA moves on

Educationist and the Founder principal of D.S Senanayake College R.I. T. Alles passed away a few hours ago at a private hospital in Colombo at the age of 81 following a brief illness, the government information Department said.

Mr. Alles served as the State Secretary for Ministry of Education from 1989 to 1993 and was the Chairman of the Gateway Group till his death and he is the beloved husband of Rohini Alles, and father of Tiran and Harsha Alles.

responses from the old boys:
I am saddened to note a the passing of a doyen of education in Sri Lanka. Do forward  my sincerest  sympathies  to his loved ones.
Warm regards.
Lakshman Samaranayake

In school he was a very strict disciplinarian,and we all thought he was a monster. But inside him he was a kind,loving,gentleman of the highest caliber
May he rest in peace.
Edward Hapuarachchi

Please convey my deepest condolences to condolences to the family.  I have always remembered him as a tough disciplinarian.  I was taken by Mr R I T Alles to the Metal-work Room to be punished as I had carved my name on a very new shiny Satinwood desk in his classroom.  I had to bend and hold the desk as he was swishing the long cane.  As I glanced back, the cane went up but never came down.  He said 'You can go now' and I learnt my lesson.
 Later in life, he was very helpful when my younger brother and nephews sought admission to DSS MV.
 May he rest in peace
M J M Peroos

Dear All,
        Like Peroos my first experience was nasty.In my case the sharp end of the metal ruler did come down on my bottom at the mechanical drawing/metal work class. However as a junior and a senior cadet I came to know him as a stern man with determination to achieve.Once I believe He had fallen far behind with preparation of his year end class reports etc. he asked myself and another to help out on a Saturday .He must have thought that we were good in maths! As it involved lots of additions and standardisation of marks etc.,It was then that I realised what a devout Catholic he was.He grew up as a youngster in Akmeemana ,in very modest circumstances.Anyway his wife -with a little tot-treated us with delicious food.His passion for excellence saw him "head hunted" for the post of principal,at the then fledgling DSSenanayake school  -which prospered so much under his stewardship.His subsequent achievements at a national level in education is well known.From humble beginnings he managed to contribute so much to national education -a unique person with purpose and fortitude.
May he R.I.P

Nihal. (NPR Gunasekera)

It is nice to here from so-many guys!
Alles was someone whom I was very close to,thru' cadeting. When he left college I was the Sgt and we made a meagre collection and had a farewell dinner for him,at the dinner he requested us cadets to help him clear the plot where DS MV is and we did indeed do that,it was snake infested luckily none of us got bitten.At that time he did tell us that he will make DS as good a school as Royal and I think he has done that. 
He was someone who made an impression on me as a student both in the classroom and in the field.
I lost contact with him after i entered med sch.I did however hear rumours abt him and i am unable chk the truthfulness of the rumours!
I will always remember him as someone who was a great educationalist and someone who help mold me as a person and I am grateful to him.
My condolences go out to his family.
Deva (Manikkarasa Devakumar)